April 24, 2017

Cześć wszystkim!!

Well i can’t believe it, but this is it!!! It is my last week here in the beautiful country of Poland! The things that I have learned as a missionary are life changing. And my testimony of my Saviour Jesus Christ has been strengthened.

Through out my mission I have sought to really know my Saviour and who he is. What i have felt and learned about him is just how loving, patient, and kind he is. I have really felt my Saviors love. And I can’t explain the feelings ,but they were there. He lives. He is my example and I am so grateful that I could represent him as a missionary in Poland and to help them become closer to him.

I also have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. I love the scriptures. I have grown a love of reading them. Especially the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is another testament thta Jesus Christ lives. The Book of Mormon is true. i have read it. And have prayed about it. I know it with all my heart that it is true. If you are not reading it. READ IT. I know that you will be blessed. Read it every day and your questions and your prayers will be answered. The Book of Mormon is a blessing to all of God’s Children.

I will be forever grateful that I chose to go on a mission because my mission has shown me how to be a better daughter, sister , and one day a mother. it has opened my eyes. I have seen a better world. I have seen miracles. I know that we are NEVER alone. Our Heavenly Father loves us and he has a wonderful plan ahead of us!

I love this work. It is an amazing time to do the work of the Lord!

Kocham was i Do zobaczenia!!


Cześć Wszystkim!

April 18, 2017


So just this last week we had zone conference which was good and also my last one, shich was prety weird. they asked the missionaries that were leaving to bear their testimonies and so Siostra Dekker and we did. It was weird to think that I was now that missionary because I never ever saw it coming haha but now its time! But it was so good to see the missionaries that I served with for the last time on the mission. It was a fun time! Also the President and Sister Turek’s kids hid chocolate bunnies for all of the missionaries around the Chapel so we had a fun little chocolate bunny hunt!!

This week was a good but hard week. But Siostra Clingo and I just looked for the good in everything! We met two cool people on the street who came to us first, which does not happen here at all, but it was awesome and invited them to some of our activities to learn more about us. Because one of them said that they had Book of Mormon and one of them asked for a Book of Mormon. And they said that they wanted to start reading. God really is in the midst of everything. Sometimes we see it and sometimes we don’t, but I know that he is always there.

Easter was fun! There was literally no one on the street, which was so weird, but that is pretty normal here in Poland hahah They love holidays becasue that means that they can party!! hahaha And then they also have a day to rest after they party haha. In Poland they really love their families they will do anything to be with their families.

Church was pretty good two of our investigaters were at church. We missed them! Basically, Siostra Clingo and I have been having a lot of chocolate! It has been great!!

Love you all til next week!!

Siostra Lerch

Cześć wszystkim!!!

April 10, 2017

     Spring time is finally here in Poland!! It is beautiful here in Poland I am going to miss this country a lot! This week was a pretty fun week. A week of loving the people!

     General conference was amazing. I know you can find peace and your answers through general conference. It bought a lot of peace to me. Also what was really cool was that Siostra Clingo and I watched the Priesthood session and the Poland Warsaw Mission got a little shout out from Elder Bednar so us missionaries were very happy!! It was awesome haha

     A miracle happened yesterday! On Friday we have an activity called Kim jest Mormon. ( Who is Mormom ) We have this one guy that comes all the time to our English classes and has known the missionaries for a really long time but doesn’t want to take the lessons or go to church. He is like our grandpa in Lublin. He is just so awesome! The elders last transfer were trying so hard to get him just to come to church but because he is a stubborn grandpa he always said no hahaha but he loves us and we lov him!! And so on Friday as he was about to leave i asked him to come to church! And he smiled and didn’t know what to say hahaha He said we would see so we weren’t really sure if was going to come or not. So yesterday as Siostra Clingo and I were walking to church we see this guy with big glass and all dressed up and it was Waldemar!!!!!!

It was so cute because he only knows a little bit of English but he calls us either Seesters or Ladies. So he will say Seesters Lerch and Seesters Clingo or sometimes if he wants to be fancy and funny he says Ladies Lerch and Ladies Clingo. He always put things in the plural form haha Sunday was a special day because he came to church we were all so happy that he came. We came and sat next to him and I believe he had a good time! He took a Liahona magazine and a Doctrine and Covenants hahaha They are both a good read! He does have a Book of Mormon so we will get him to read!

Oh it was such a great week!! And this week will be another great week as well!!

Also the new Easter video is up and it is beautiful. Jesus Christ can bring us peace in this life. Because he is the Prince of Peace. I love my Saviour and all that he has done for me and my family. I love this gospel. It is true and no matter what we ALWAYS  have a chance to be better and to come unto him. Because with him anything is possible!

Kocham was!!! Wielkanocna!!!


This is the video in polish 🙂

Cześć wszystkim!!

March 20, 2017

Oh my so this week was a better week. This week Siostra Clingo and I really got to testify about Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon. It is honestly the best feeling ever! I LOVE IT! haha The power that a testimony has is simply amazing. No we did not gain an investigator or anything like that but, what we did get was stronger faith. It was an amazing feeling.

This is the Lord’s work. I know it with all my heart. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. I know the Book of Mormon is true. It is! I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. And Jesus Christ is so loving. I have recently have felt his love and my Heavenly Father’s love. I know he does loves every single one of his children.

I love this gospel. His plan for us is simply amazing. We need him and so does he. We are here to help people to come to Christ. Every person is needed in his work. he wants us to learn of our talents and use them. I have seen that on my mission as well.

I love being a missionary! If anyone is thinking about going on one. I say go. I love my Savior and I love that families can be together forever. I love you all and I wish you an amazing week!! Love you all!! Kochamy was!!!

Dzień Dobry!!

March 14, 2017
Dzień Dobry! 😀

One thing that I have learned this week is really the power of God’s love.

This week was a hard week to be honest. The little trials were hard. But what you do in situations like these is you KEEP praying and reading the scriptures. And HOLD ON to the Iron Rod of Faith. Faith is really what saves us. Yes we are going to have moments in life where we will be holding on to all the Faith we have left. But! We have the fullness of the gospel! We do have a loving Heavenly Father who does truly love us. 🙂

I am honestly grateful that we will and have trials of Faith. Because I know when we do, we learn how to find and to feel God’s love for us. We learn how to find truth. No matter how long it is, we know that there is always light at the end of every tunnel! And that is God’s love. Yesterday, even though it was a hard day for both my companion and I. A thought had entered my mind. and it was that I knew that my Heavenly Father loves me. And that my Savior Jesus Christ loves me. I have a family at home that loves me. That thought for some reason really hit me like never before. Because of that thought I felt stregthened. Since then I have been keeping in my mind from what Apostle Paul says, ” I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” (Philipians 4:13)

This is truly God’s work. I love my Savior. I love that in life and through the gospel of Jesus Christ we can become better and we truly can CHANGE. His hand is always there reaching for us to hold on and to know of the power that he has in order for us to grow and change. This is His church. It is REAL. I know it is with all my heart.

I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week! 😀 Til next week! Kocham was!  It is a great time to be a missionary! I certainly Love it!

Cześć Wszyztkim!

February 27, 2017

Cześć!! Sorry I havent been able to write a group email in while it has been a little crazy! The transfer has ended and Siostra Clingo and I are staying together!! And staying in Lublin!! woot woot!!

But this also means that this is my last transfer…..I don’t know how I truly feel about that. hahaha I Love Poland! It is a lot of mixed feelings. But it is going to be GREAT! It will be another transfer of miracles!!

Yesterday was a wonderful Sunday miracle. Four of our investigators came to church!!! Like what! We were so happy!! There are going to be miracles this transfer!! I am super excited!!

I love my Heavenly Father. He is my friend. And I am grateful for the plan that is ahead! Kocham was!!

Cześć wszystkim!

January 30, 2017

Hello everyone!

I hope it was a great week!! It is still pretty cold in Poland some days are warmer than others but I really have to be grateful for what I have in any circumstance.

Today our little district in Lublin which consists of only 2 elders haha but they are the best! We went to the Majdonek Concentration Camp which Siostra Clingo and I found out that we live 10 minutes away from our apartment. Not that far.

I can’t explain the feeling that was there. Where we walked was where people had walked and suffered. They were taken from their loved ones. As we walked and the feeling of sadness came over there was a feeling of peace. Those that had died are now with their loved ones and their loving Heavenly Father. They are in peace, thanks to the Plan of Salvation. And all will be made right because our Heavenly Father is a rightgeous judge.

I am so grateful for my family that I have there support and love. I am grateful for the country that I live in. I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ, which gives light to so many people. I am grateful for life that we get to experience! And I am so grateful to be in Poland as one of the Lord’s servants.

There are many miracles and we can see them when we have eyes of gratitude. So my goal this week which i would like everyone to do 😀 Is to everyday write or tell someone of what you are grateful for. And you will see God’s hand in your life. Also what he has blessed you with. I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ.

Kocham was!! Miłego tygodnia!! 😀