April 24, 2017

Cześć wszystkim!!

Well i can’t believe it, but this is it!!! It is my last week here in the beautiful country of Poland! The things that I have learned as a missionary are life changing. And my testimony of my Saviour Jesus Christ has been strengthened.

Through out my mission I have sought to really know my Saviour and who he is. What i have felt and learned about him is just how loving, patient, and kind he is. I have really felt my Saviors love. And I can’t explain the feelings ,but they were there. He lives. He is my example and I am so grateful that I could represent him as a missionary in Poland and to help them become closer to him.

I also have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. I love the scriptures. I have grown a love of reading them. Especially the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is another testament thta Jesus Christ lives. The Book of Mormon is true. i have read it. And have prayed about it. I know it with all my heart that it is true. If you are not reading it. READ IT. I know that you will be blessed. Read it every day and your questions and your prayers will be answered. The Book of Mormon is a blessing to all of God’s Children.

I will be forever grateful that I chose to go on a mission because my mission has shown me how to be a better daughter, sister , and one day a mother. it has opened my eyes. I have seen a better world. I have seen miracles. I know that we are NEVER alone. Our Heavenly Father loves us and he has a wonderful plan ahead of us!

I love this work. It is an amazing time to do the work of the Lord!

Kocham was i Do zobaczenia!!


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