Dzień Dobry!!

January 16

Oh man what a week!!!! I have to say i do like opening cities!! It is just full of adventure! First of all you never really know where you are going. But it is an experience to behold seeing to sister missionaries outside freezing dont exactly know where they are but trying to share the gospel! Oh how great it is being a missionary!! I seriously love it!! And i especially love the little branch in Lublin!

Recently we just had branch council to figure out what we can do to help the branch be strengthened and to grow. After the meeting I just felt so good about the plan and God’s plan for the branch in Lublin. I know that he does watch over his children.

I also just love my companion Siosra Clingo. She is just amazing!! We just have fun in the moments! Even though it is really freezing like -20 c that is still ok we just go for it and find!! hahaha Becuase ” the worth of souls are great in the sight of God!” And we have a lot of fun outside because Siostra Clingo is from California!! So we just acted like little kids when we play with the snow! And jus this past week we made our first Snow Angels!!!! It was a moment of pure happiness hahaha

I hope everyone has had a really good new year so far!! I still cannot believe that it is 2017 but that means change! Change to be a better person! Change to be the best self that you can be becuase Heavenly Father always sees the sucesses! And we are here to learn. I am so grateful for that! I love this gospel. This is his true church. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and he is the Master Healer.

Kocham was!


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