Cześć Wszystkim!

April 18, 2017


So just this last week we had zone conference which was good and also my last one, shich was prety weird. they asked the missionaries that were leaving to bear their testimonies and so Siostra Dekker and we did. It was weird to think that I was now that missionary because I never ever saw it coming haha but now its time! But it was so good to see the missionaries that I served with for the last time on the mission. It was a fun time! Also the President and Sister Turek’s kids hid chocolate bunnies for all of the missionaries around the Chapel so we had a fun little chocolate bunny hunt!!

This week was a good but hard week. But Siostra Clingo and I just looked for the good in everything! We met two cool people on the street who came to us first, which does not happen here at all, but it was awesome and invited them to some of our activities to learn more about us. Because one of them said that they had Book of Mormon and one of them asked for a Book of Mormon. And they said that they wanted to start reading. God really is in the midst of everything. Sometimes we see it and sometimes we don’t, but I know that he is always there.

Easter was fun! There was literally no one on the street, which was so weird, but that is pretty normal here in Poland hahah They love holidays becasue that means that they can party!! hahaha And then they also have a day to rest after they party haha. In Poland they really love their families they will do anything to be with their families.

Church was pretty good two of our investigaters were at church. We missed them! Basically, Siostra Clingo and I have been having a lot of chocolate! It has been great!!

Love you all til next week!!

Siostra Lerch

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