Cześć wszystkim!!!

April 10, 2017

     Spring time is finally here in Poland!! It is beautiful here in Poland I am going to miss this country a lot! This week was a pretty fun week. A week of loving the people!

     General conference was amazing. I know you can find peace and your answers through general conference. It bought a lot of peace to me. Also what was really cool was that Siostra Clingo and I watched the Priesthood session and the Poland Warsaw Mission got a little shout out from Elder Bednar so us missionaries were very happy!! It was awesome haha

     A miracle happened yesterday! On Friday we have an activity called Kim jest Mormon. ( Who is Mormom ) We have this one guy that comes all the time to our English classes and has known the missionaries for a really long time but doesn’t want to take the lessons or go to church. He is like our grandpa in Lublin. He is just so awesome! The elders last transfer were trying so hard to get him just to come to church but because he is a stubborn grandpa he always said no hahaha but he loves us and we lov him!! And so on Friday as he was about to leave i asked him to come to church! And he smiled and didn’t know what to say hahaha He said we would see so we weren’t really sure if was going to come or not. So yesterday as Siostra Clingo and I were walking to church we see this guy with big glass and all dressed up and it was Waldemar!!!!!!

It was so cute because he only knows a little bit of English but he calls us either Seesters or Ladies. So he will say Seesters Lerch and Seesters Clingo or sometimes if he wants to be fancy and funny he says Ladies Lerch and Ladies Clingo. He always put things in the plural form haha Sunday was a special day because he came to church we were all so happy that he came. We came and sat next to him and I believe he had a good time! He took a Liahona magazine and a Doctrine and Covenants hahaha They are both a good read! He does have a Book of Mormon so we will get him to read!

Oh it was such a great week!! And this week will be another great week as well!!

Also the new Easter video is up and it is beautiful. Jesus Christ can bring us peace in this life. Because he is the Prince of Peace. I love my Saviour and all that he has done for me and my family. I love this gospel. It is true and no matter what we ALWAYS  have a chance to be better and to come unto him. Because with him anything is possible!

Kocham was!!! Wielkanocna!!!

This is the video in polish 🙂

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