November 1, 2016

 Happy Anniversary!  One year ago today I left on my mission….
So Transfers were last week and I have a new companion SIostra Stahl!! She is from Pennsylvania! Also i am no longer in Legnica. Sad but Legnica closed for sisters and they brought us back to Wrocław! It is a beautiful city and i am so glad to serve in this beautiful city!! Sister Stahl and I have gotten lost a few times already but that is what its like to open a city for sisters!!
*This is Siostra Stahl, my new companion.
Also weird enough i hit MY YEAR MARK! I kind of don’t believe it. It has been a great year!! I have learned a lot on how to be a better daughter, friend, sister and in the future a mother. I love this gospel it really does bring happiness to people. I have seen  miracles and the love and power of God on my mission. I love my savior Jesus Christ and that i know that he lives. I am so grateful that I am able to serve in Poland. I know the Lord provides a way and that he knows what is best for all of us.
I am grateful! I hope everyone will have a wonderful week! I send my love from Poland!! Also Happy Halloween!
I am going to be sending a lot of pictures from the holiday “All Saints Day!” and the castle stuff!!

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