October 17, 2016

Oh what a week what a week!! I honestly feel like Siostra Haight and I wake up study find then the next day is already there. The time goes by so fast now!! I don’t like it but that’s ok that just means that there are more adventures and experiences just ahead!

I hope every ones week was a good one!! Recently I have been thinking about the Sabbath day and the Sacrament and why they are so important and holy. I love te sacrament because I really get to think about my Savior and what he did for me and the rest of us. And that I can be renewed and start again and to try to Become like Him. And Because of Him anything is possible.
Siostra Haight and I have seen amazing miracles this transfer. Like finding former investigators and finding the people that we met on the street again on the street and are still sometimes willing to meet. Sometimes right as I say there is no one that wants to listen. Our Heavenly Father always puts someone in our way where we can talk about Christ so we can lift there Faith and bring that one person closer to Christ. And that is our purpose here. Each day think of a tender mercy or miracle that happened that day and you will see that your Heavenly Father has always been there to help you and for you to help others to become closer to Him.
Siostra Lerch
The BEST paczki in the World!!
​This is Halva! One of our English student went to Macendonia and bought us a treasure from there!! all it is is seeds and sugar all ground together and it is good trust me!


DSC01157​This is Legnica on the Rynek where i am serving now and here is a Catholic Cathedral.

​lol so it is really cold and i was so happy when i bought my first Starbucks in Poland!! hahaha i felt complete!! And then sister Haight was all you are the whitest girl i know hahahahaha I wanted Hot Cocoa!! We were on our way to Katowice for zone training and oh my gosh i had to wake up at 4:30catch a train form Legnica to Wrocław and then a train from Wrocław to Kato WE WERE EXHAUSTED! and i though ii deserve a ho chocolate from Starbucks i haven’t had one in a year or more i deserve!!

DSC01220​This looks like i am kissing it but i am actually drinking it …my companion caught me in action ahaha

Our Companionship in a nutshell!Off to Zone Conference in Katowice!
Legnica Rynek!



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