November 21, 2016


Dzień Dobry!!

Well it has been a crazy couple of weeks so far!! Just this last week one of the Seventy came and talked with all the missionaries in the Poland Warsaw Mission! And it was so needed and so beautiful!! I have a firm testimony that through the Holy ghost you can know all things and what is right! Powerful stuff! After he talked with us i just wanted to start talking to people! Just every single missionary and just go out there and preach!
Siostra Stahl and I right now are still trying to find investigators. Sometimes it gets pretty discouraging, but i know through Faith anything is possible. There are people that are searching and looking for truth. I truly love the people here in Poland. There are Miracles! I believe in them! I have seen them!
I love getting to testify of the Book of Mormon and that it is another testament of Jesus Christ and that Christ is in fact our Savior! He is the Light of the World! And every one of us are his lights as well to help each other come to Christ and to share his Plan of Happiness and his Gospel.
I hope you all will have a great Thanksgiving week!! I am thankful for my wonderful family. I love them with all my heart. I am thankful for this gospel which shows me the way. The way for eternal happiness! I am thankful that I can be a missionary here in Poland and to serve the people in this beautiful country. Kocham was!!
Siostra Stahl and I enjoying more PASTRIES!
Wroclaw’s Rynek at Christmas Time…so beautful!
Random street performer!
Entrance to the Jar Mark



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