Wytrywać do Końca!

August 8, 2016
Dzień Dobry!
Oh man this week has been a good hard week!! Siostra Gheen and I are just going for it!! Especially this week!! This week is the last week of the transfer but we are going to wytrywać do końca!! (endure to the end)!!!!!!! Siostra Gheen and I have been walking everywhere! But that is great because that is how we find!! And other transportation.
We are praying for miracles. I know that there are miracles! Everyday I say to myself ” today we are going to find a new investigator!” But then there is no investigator. BUT that doesn’t mean that there is no one there to teach! Sometimes it is you yourself that is being taught. Also you never know how big of an example you can be to people on the streets. Even just by a Dzień Dobry to people!
Story: Siostra Gheen and I were finding less-actives and the man and his little boy walked past me and I said Dzien Dobry! Now in Poland it is a little weird when someone you don’t know says dzień dobry to you! But! I love saying it because I love the smiles and the dzień dobry that I get back! And the many “Miss why do you say dzień dobry to me when you don’t even know who I am?” I love it! but this man that I said dzień dobry to was really funny because after I had passed him he said to his son, ” Pani powiedziała mi, Dzień Dobry! ” Meaning  “the miss said to me good day! ” It was super funny because the little boy was just laughing and was super cute!
Oh this week is going to be a good week of finding and changing peoples lives! I love being a missionary! Have Faith and keep going! Because the Lord knows best and he knows the way!
Siostra Lerch

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