“Lord, I believe”

August 1, 2016


Dzień Dobry!
This week I have really pondered on the talk from Elder Holland’s  “Lord, I Believe”  talk. As a missionary I have the privilege to bear my testimony everyday.  I feel so blessed that I get to share my testimony with the people of Poland and that  I know that my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live. Whenever I bear my testimony I always feel good and I learn a lot by just saying what I believe out loud. I know  that there are days where people pray to heavenly Father asking “Lord help my unbelief” and through Faith and the atonement we can know for ourselves the truth. Through that we can feel the love that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has for us. I cannot comprehend the love that he has for me and my family and the rest of his children, but I can see it when I see the change and the smile on peoples faces.
This week Heavenly Father has helped me with the language to bear my testimony of his gospel. I cannot go a day without sharing my testimony. I believe in this gospel and I believe in my Loving Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ. they can heal all wounds and they are there for you.  I believe that families can be together forever. I believe that I will see all of my family again. I believe in his gospel. And I believe in his atoning sacrifice. I believe that Christ grace is sufficient unto all of us.
I am grateful to be a missionary and to do the Lords work. I love you all and I hope you all will have a great week!!

Siostra Lerch

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