July 18, 2016
Dzień Dobry!
So I am going to share my miracle of the week!
Two weeks ago we track ted into a young mother and her daughter and she let us in and had a wonderful time. The only thing was that her husband was not there. That week we prayed that the next time we visited there house that the husband would be there and that his heart would be softened. So we went to their home and ding donged the domophone and the husband came out and just greeted us with a big smile! he was so nice! He knew who we were and he knew about the Book of Mormon that we gave his wife. Though his wife and daughter weren’t there he was able to meet us. He told us that he would let his wife know and exchanged phone numbers! He was super sweet and nice!! We plan to meet with them soon! So exciting!!
This week Siostra Young and I have been finding less-actives and it is a lot of walking and I mean a lot of walking!! bus after bus and tram after tram and then a ton of walking!! It is actually quite fun! It sometimes does take forever to find a person because sometimes the address does not exist but that is OK that is why we are here hahaha. Oh my!! Finding consists of water and some chocolate for Siostra Young and I!! Super nice though!!
I love this work and I love being a missionary!! It is the greatest work out there!! Kocham was!!

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Siostra Lerch

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