Happy Birthday! Lauryn is 20!

Happy, happy birthday Lauryn dear, happy days to will come to you all year, if I had a wish that it would be a happy happy birthday to you from me!

Happy birthday to you…happy birthday to you….happy birthday dear Lauryn…happy birthday to you!

You’ve had a birthday shout hurrah!  One year older and wiser too….happy birthday….TO YOU!

Dear Lauryn,

You are well-loved!  So many people see the light in your eyes that shine “JOY!”  You are kind, thoughtful, hilarious, silly, goofy, fun, spiritual, and all that’s good in this world.  You simply radiate.  It has been my privilege to raise such a beautiful woman filled with faith and testimony.  I still remember the day vividly when you came into this world at 26 weeks.  I am still convinced you were just so excited to start this mortal journey here on earth.  I have watched you push through hard times, I have seen you blossom into a beautiful woman inside and out.  I have seen you reach your goals.  Here’s a few:  you were a member of the Silver Fins USA Swim team for 8 + years, you were cast in plays, such as: “HairSpray”, you were in several dance companies, Color Guard at  Desert Edge and then truly soared at it when you were welcomed to the Highland High Colorguard.  You were over the top amazing!  Loved watching throw sabor swords, rifles, flag.  This is just a few of your accomplishments.  You have been a source of strength for quite some time.  I am always taken back at how you have grown and matured.  You are making your life beautiful!  Enjoy your day sweetheart.  I love you with all of my heart.  “I love you for ever, I love you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.”  Now before I end this I must say you are one tough cookie and one fantastic missionary who has the most positive attitude I have ever seen.  I love you Lauryn!  Enjoy your birthday!  Love Eternally, Mom xo


2lbs 12 ounces ..15/3/4 inches long


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Summer of 2009….Poznan, Poland




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Legnica Bound!!

August 16, 2016


Dzień Dobry!

Sorry I don’t have a lot of time. So transfers were yesterday and I am no longer in Katowice anymore!! I was sad to leave the members but it was good for me! My new companion is Siostra Haight! She is so awesome! she is in her third transfer and is from Texas! I am so happy to be her companion! We are going to have a lot of fun and we are going to have some amazing missionary experiences! It is such a cute city and the members are amazing here!! I cannot wait what the other amazing experiences await in Legnica! There have already been some awesome ones already!! Siostra Haight and I met a couple at the park yesterday and they seemed pretty interested and we invited them to come to church! We got there number too so that we will be able to remind them and then also maybe teach them!! They were just the cutest couple!!

Katowice will always be in my heart! it is home!! but I just love my new home! I am so happy! I love being a missionary!! It is the best work out there!! I know that God is very aware of us. And that he does lift up burdens and that he loves us not matter what!

Kocham was!!

Siostra Lerch

Wytrywać do Końca!

August 8, 2016
Dzień Dobry!
Oh man this week has been a good hard week!! Siostra Gheen and I are just going for it!! Especially this week!! This week is the last week of the transfer but we are going to wytrywać do końca!! (endure to the end)!!!!!!! Siostra Gheen and I have been walking everywhere! But that is great because that is how we find!! And other transportation.
We are praying for miracles. I know that there are miracles! Everyday I say to myself ” today we are going to find a new investigator!” But then there is no investigator. BUT that doesn’t mean that there is no one there to teach! Sometimes it is you yourself that is being taught. Also you never know how big of an example you can be to people on the streets. Even just by a Dzień Dobry to people!
Story: Siostra Gheen and I were finding less-actives and the man and his little boy walked past me and I said Dzien Dobry! Now in Poland it is a little weird when someone you don’t know says dzień dobry to you! But! I love saying it because I love the smiles and the dzień dobry that I get back! And the many “Miss why do you say dzień dobry to me when you don’t even know who I am?” I love it! but this man that I said dzień dobry to was really funny because after I had passed him he said to his son, ” Pani powiedziała mi, Dzień Dobry! ” Meaning  “the miss said to me good day! ” It was super funny because the little boy was just laughing and was super cute!
Oh this week is going to be a good week of finding and changing peoples lives! I love being a missionary! Have Faith and keep going! Because the Lord knows best and he knows the way!
Siostra Lerch

“Lord, I believe”

August 1, 2016


Dzień Dobry!
This week I have really pondered on the talk from Elder Holland’s  “Lord, I Believe”  talk. As a missionary I have the privilege to bear my testimony everyday.  I feel so blessed that I get to share my testimony with the people of Poland and that  I know that my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live. Whenever I bear my testimony I always feel good and I learn a lot by just saying what I believe out loud. I know  that there are days where people pray to heavenly Father asking “Lord help my unbelief” and through Faith and the atonement we can know for ourselves the truth. Through that we can feel the love that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has for us. I cannot comprehend the love that he has for me and my family and the rest of his children, but I can see it when I see the change and the smile on peoples faces.
This week Heavenly Father has helped me with the language to bear my testimony of his gospel. I cannot go a day without sharing my testimony. I believe in this gospel and I believe in my Loving Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ. they can heal all wounds and they are there for you.  I believe that families can be together forever. I believe that I will see all of my family again. I believe in his gospel. And I believe in his atoning sacrifice. I believe that Christ grace is sufficient unto all of us.
I am grateful to be a missionary and to do the Lords work. I love you all and I hope you all will have a great week!!

Siostra Lerch


July 27, 2016


Dzień Dobry!!
Today I said goodbye to the lovely Siostra Young! She is going back home to Canada!! I am just so excited for her!! she helped me a lot!! I will miss her!! But my new comp is Siostra Gheen!! she is just the cutest! She is originally from Iowa but then moved to Utah. She is so sweet!
This last week Siostra Young and I had a wonderful week of miracles from talking to people on the street to knocking door to door to share the gospel. I cant describe the wonderful. uplifting feeling when I see peoples heart change and when they smile. It honestly makes my entire week. The people here in Katowice are so great. And I cant wait for what is to come for siostra Gheen and I in Katowice! I love this work! i love being a missionary! God really does give you what you can handle. And he will be there the whole way through. I know that our heavenly Father loves each and every one of us. Kocham was!!
Siostra Lerch


July 18, 2016
Dzień Dobry!
So I am going to share my miracle of the week!
Two weeks ago we track ted into a young mother and her daughter and she let us in and had a wonderful time. The only thing was that her husband was not there. That week we prayed that the next time we visited there house that the husband would be there and that his heart would be softened. So we went to their home and ding donged the domophone and the husband came out and just greeted us with a big smile! he was so nice! He knew who we were and he knew about the Book of Mormon that we gave his wife. Though his wife and daughter weren’t there he was able to meet us. He told us that he would let his wife know and exchanged phone numbers! He was super sweet and nice!! We plan to meet with them soon! So exciting!!
This week Siostra Young and I have been finding less-actives and it is a lot of walking and I mean a lot of walking!! bus after bus and tram after tram and then a ton of walking!! It is actually quite fun! It sometimes does take forever to find a person because sometimes the address does not exist but that is OK that is why we are here hahaha. Oh my!! Finding consists of water and some chocolate for Siostra Young and I!! Super nice though!!
I love this work and I love being a missionary!! It is the greatest work out there!! Kocham was!!

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Siostra Lerch

Having Faith in Jesus Christ, you see Miracles!

July 4 & 11, 2016
Dzień Dobry!
What a week it has been!!! We have our new Mission President!! His name is President Turek and he is from Wrocław, Poland!! His wife is from Germany and they have 3 little kids! Super cool! It is super great to have a native Polish Mission President! What is really cool is that in every zone conference and interview that we have with president will be in polish! He also does speak English but he advises us to speak polish as much as we can! There are going to be great blessings that come of this!! I know that he is called of God. He is certainly suppose to be here and this time. He is super nice and helps my polish so much!

Poland Warsaw Mission

Adrienne and Mateusz Turek

Mateusz Zbigniew Turek, 36, and Adrienne Turek, three children, Dortmund Ward, Dortmund Germany Stake: Poland Warsaw Mission, succeeding President Steven C. Edgren and Sister Martha Susan Edgren. Brother Turek serves as a stake presidency counselor and is a former high councilor, branch president, ward Sunday School president, elders quorum president, and missionary in the England London South Mission. Coordinator, Seminaries and Institutes. Born in Jelenia Góra, Poland, to Zbigniew Turek and Elżbieta Jolanta Kaźmierczak.

Sister Turek serves as a ward Primary president and is a former ward Relief Society and Primary presidency counselor, ward Relief Society secretary, and Relief Society and Primary teacher. Born in Räckelwitz, Germany, to Matthias Rudolf Hammer and Marion Marianne Hammer.

This week I got hit with flu, but it is ok now because I am a lot better! This week I got to really see God’s hand in my life this week through people. One being by Prezydent Turek, my Companion, and through a Tracting experience.
Last week after p-day we decided to go Tracting to a place where we felt really good at. The irony of this story is funny , but I am grateful for this experience! As we were trakting door after door everyone said ” Nie dziękuje nie jestem zainteresowna or ni or ny or ych.”  Polish is crazy.
 Anyway We came to this one door and he didn’t answer but then as we were about to go to the next door he answered and he asked his neighbors what those girls were wanting to talk about. haha. The neighbor said: o Wierze!( about Faith.) The man: oh you girls are never going to teach anyone anything here everyone is Catholic. Then an older lady also butted in and told us to go to the mountains hahahaha oh man i love being a missionary! lol
As they said that we went to the next house. They watched us. A young girl answered and then went to get her mother. The mother walked towards us with the most joyful smile ever to see us missionaries haha. She asked us are you Mormon missionaries? Well of course we said Tak! She told us that she met Missionaries in Gdańsk! up in the North of Poland! I asked her if she had time we have a message we would like to share. And she said Of course I will make you tea and give you cookies!
 Let me tell you Siostra Young and I were just dumb founded it kind of took us a while to say yes hahaha it was kind of funny because her neighbors were just staring at us the whole time hahahaha. Anyway she is just the sweetest lady ever! We talked about the Book of Mormon and the Divinity of Christ. She took a Book of Mormon and told us that it was not a coincidence that you guys came to talk more about deepening my faith in Jesus Christ because I have been looking for a while. the spirit was very strong in that room. One of my favorite experiences this week!! And we are praying and hoping that we get to meet with her again!
Ja wiem że Jezusa Chrystusa jest naszym Zbawicielem i on jest moim bratem. Wiem że rodziny mogą być razem na zawsze. Wiem że nasz Ojciec w Niebie jest naszym kochającym ojcem. i on nas kocha bardzo. Jesteśmy synami i córkami Boga. Jestem bardzo wdzięczna że mogę być misjonarką tu w Polsce. Dzięki Jezusowi Chrystusowi i też jego zadośćuczenienie możemy być czyste i możemy być szczęśliwi! Kocham ten ewangelia. Mówię to w imię Jezusa Chrystusa Amen

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Siostra Lerch