June 21, 2016

Click on the pictures below for caption!

Waiting for the Train to take Siostra Gustafson Home!

Dzień Dobry!!
I am staying in Katowice!! Oh how I love it here!! And my new companion is Siostra Young!!! And guess what she is also from Canada as well!! woot woot!! This is so great!! i am going to have all Canadian Companions!! woot woot!! She is so adorable and super fun!
It was hard saying goodbye to my best friend Siostra Gustafson but she is on to new things and I am so excited for what life brings her in the future!!!
I have to say missions are hard but how I just Love them! My mission has taught me so much. I am growing every single day. I see my faults but I also see the really amazing things that have happened on my mission. I LOVE being a missionary. Sometimes I feel like I am on a Life camp or something hahaha but all the things that I learn on my mission I will always remember throughout my life!
I love this gospel with all my heart. I feel so blessed to be sharing the gospel here in Poland.
Kocham was!
z Miłośćą
Siostra Lerch

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