Oh Jej! I Love Missions!!

June 13, 2016
hahaha we were visiting with a member and we went to a really awesome park with her little nephew ! And there were swings!!
Dzeń Dobry!
 This is the last week with the amazing Siostra Gustason! Because next week she is flying back home to Canada! I am sad that she is leaving me but I am so happy to see what life brings her in the future!!
This transfer has been so awesome!! Siostra Gustafson and I have seen so much success in missionary work! I have just loved this transfer with her! She is an amazing missionary!!
This transfer we have been working on to set up appointments on the spot when we talk to people on the street. And it is awesome!! Because honestly it is super effective!! We set up with 2 people. Sadly though the day that we set up with them they both cancelled but! One Of them is still really interested and still wants to meet! Woot woot!! yeah!!
I Love this gospel. It brings so much hope. We strive to do what is right and to try to be like Jesus Christ. I love serving as a missionary in Poland. I love the people and I cant wait for the many adventures that it brings me! I love life! Because life to me is just an amazing adventure that we get to go on! I know this is the gospel of Jesus Christ! I Know it I I Live and I Love it!
Kocham was!!
z miłośćą,

Siostra Lerch

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