Polish Mother’s Day/Salt Mine/Fancy McDonalds

May 30, 2016

Dzień Dobry!

Yesterday I just had an overwhelming love for the people here! I don’t know what got into me but I just love the people here!! The Katowice Branch is just so awesome and hilarious!! They just have this light about them and it makes everyone around them super happy!! Oh I just Love them so much!!

Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SIOSTRA TAYLOR! She turns 15 today woot woot!!

Also I just love my companion! She is just the greatest!! I am just so glad that Heavenly Father put us as companions again! This week I have just been so grateful for my companion! She has taught me so much and I will always be forever grateful!!

Oh I am just full of Thanks right now!! The members in Katowice have such strong testimonies and it they all really help my testimony grow!

It was mothers day in Poland a couple days ago and Siostra Gustafson and I were on an exchange in Legnica and I got to see Siostra Dekker from my MTC group!! It has been so long!! But Siostra Gustafson and I did a White board and it said ” Co Kochasz w swojej mamie?” What do you love about your mom!! We told them to write something that they love about there moms! It turned out to be so cute!! I love my mom! Then we got to teach some lessons about the Plan Zbawienia! Plan of Salvation!

Well I really love Poland! I definitely just love the people! I hope everyone will have a great week!! Kocham was!!

P-Day:  A group of us missionaries went to the Salt Mines.  I have been here back in 2009 with my family and I remember this place so well.

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Eating at the Fanciest McDonald’s I have ever seen!  They love their McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken.


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