June 21, 2016

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Waiting for the Train to take Siostra Gustafson Home!

Dzień Dobry!!
I am staying in Katowice!! Oh how I love it here!! And my new companion is Siostra Young!!! And guess what she is also from Canada as well!! woot woot!! This is so great!! i am going to have all Canadian Companions!! woot woot!! She is so adorable and super fun!
It was hard saying goodbye to my best friend Siostra Gustafson but she is on to new things and I am so excited for what life brings her in the future!!!
I have to say missions are hard but how I just Love them! My mission has taught me so much. I am growing every single day. I see my faults but I also see the really amazing things that have happened on my mission. I LOVE being a missionary. Sometimes I feel like I am on a Life camp or something hahaha but all the things that I learn on my mission I will always remember throughout my life!
I love this gospel with all my heart. I feel so blessed to be sharing the gospel here in Poland.
Kocham was!
z Miłośćą
Siostra Lerch

Oh Jej! I Love Missions!!

June 13, 2016
hahaha we were visiting with a member and we went to a really awesome park with her little nephew ! And there were swings!!
Dzeń Dobry!
 This is the last week with the amazing Siostra Gustason! Because next week she is flying back home to Canada! I am sad that she is leaving me but I am so happy to see what life brings her in the future!!
This transfer has been so awesome!! Siostra Gustafson and I have seen so much success in missionary work! I have just loved this transfer with her! She is an amazing missionary!!
This transfer we have been working on to set up appointments on the spot when we talk to people on the street. And it is awesome!! Because honestly it is super effective!! We set up with 2 people. Sadly though the day that we set up with them they both cancelled but! One Of them is still really interested and still wants to meet! Woot woot!! yeah!!
I Love this gospel. It brings so much hope. We strive to do what is right and to try to be like Jesus Christ. I love serving as a missionary in Poland. I love the people and I cant wait for the many adventures that it brings me! I love life! Because life to me is just an amazing adventure that we get to go on! I know this is the gospel of Jesus Christ! I Know it I I Live and I Love it!
Kocham was!!
z miłośćą,

Siostra Lerch


frankfurt-germany-808x480-0001277sPoland doesn’t have its own temple, so members travel to Frankfurt, Germany Temple.

June 6, 2016

Dzień Dobry!!

Yesterday there was a broadcast for the Western European countries. So that included Poland!! haha One talk had really hit me hard and that was about Temples!!

Being on a mission, that doesn’t have a temple, can be pretty hard at sometimes. I have sorely missed the temple. I LOVE the temple. Being honest my companion and I actually cried hahaha. There is just a feeling of peace when you visit the temple and even when you are just on the temple grounds.

But what I do know is that the covenants that missionaries make go with them. And I Love that!
I love the feelings that you have in the temple!! The temple is a safe haven to me and I cannot wait to be in a temple again!!

I love it when the members here make a trip to go to the temple! It shows just how much they  love the temple!! I am forever grateful for temples!

This week we had Zone Conference in Kraków. Everything that was said was an answer to my prayers! I love Zone conferences! I know that the Lord answers prayers! That I do know!! But on his time because his time is better!! Which I am grateful! Since we are getting a new mission president we all had to all our goodbyes to President Edgren and Sister Edgren. I am so grateful that I was able to be a missionary with them!! They are so amazing and have taught me a lot! I am going to miss them! I also am super excited to meet the new Mission President as well!!

I am so glad that i can be a missionary in Poland! I love Poland and I LOVE the Polish people!! I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that this is Jesus Christ’s Church! I love this gospel!

We went on a service project today.  A sweet Polish woman gave us these matching coats that we were required to wear.  After serving we felt GREAT!  “When you are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the SERVICE of your God.”  Mosiah 2:17

z milosćą

Siostra Lerch

Polish Mother’s Day/Salt Mine/Fancy McDonalds

May 30, 2016

Dzień Dobry!

Yesterday I just had an overwhelming love for the people here! I don’t know what got into me but I just love the people here!! The Katowice Branch is just so awesome and hilarious!! They just have this light about them and it makes everyone around them super happy!! Oh I just Love them so much!!

Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SIOSTRA TAYLOR! She turns 15 today woot woot!!

Also I just love my companion! She is just the greatest!! I am just so glad that Heavenly Father put us as companions again! This week I have just been so grateful for my companion! She has taught me so much and I will always be forever grateful!!

Oh I am just full of Thanks right now!! The members in Katowice have such strong testimonies and it they all really help my testimony grow!

It was mothers day in Poland a couple days ago and Siostra Gustafson and I were on an exchange in Legnica and I got to see Siostra Dekker from my MTC group!! It has been so long!! But Siostra Gustafson and I did a White board and it said ” Co Kochasz w swojej mamie?” What do you love about your mom!! We told them to write something that they love about there moms! It turned out to be so cute!! I love my mom! Then we got to teach some lessons about the Plan Zbawienia! Plan of Salvation!

Well I really love Poland! I definitely just love the people! I hope everyone will have a great week!! Kocham was!!

P-Day:  A group of us missionaries went to the Salt Mines.  I have been here back in 2009 with my family and I remember this place so well.

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Eating at the Fanciest McDonald’s I have ever seen!  They love their McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken.