Katowice is the Bomb!

Hi Everyone…..Please scroll down…I forgot this post  @ May 2, 2016 so now I’m out of sync.  Below are 2 new posts from May 9th, May 16th.


So I do not have lot of time at all today but I just want to say That I love being a missionary in Poland. And I LOVE Katowice! It is a really cool city!!

This week has been really great Siostra Gustafson and I went to a grill that we were invited to and a really cool experience the lady that invited us told us to sing “I am a Child of God” in polish and the feeling in the room was just so happy and filled with the spirit even though I feel like it was just so simple by singing a song. Songs really are music to the soul and they really help us feel close to our Heavenly Father!

Also I have noticed That I have already eaten really weird foods just in the past couple of weeks I have eaten Caterpillars and the just this week raw meat with butter and bread…..I prayed for safety  hahaha Anyway love you all and I hope that you have an awesome week!! Kocham was!!


Siostra Lerch

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