Dzien Dobry!

May 16, 2016

Dzień Dobry!

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I hope that everyone’s week was awesome!! Last Sunday we got to Skype with our familiesand that was just awesome!! It was a huge blessing in disguise for me. I love my family!

They are just the greatest!

Here in Katowice we have been trying to find new people to teach. Lets just say that it has been pretty hard week. Part of that is because some days being honest you get treated sometimes very poorly. And that is just part of being a missionary. A couple days ago Siostra Gustafson and I decided to go Contacting that last two hours of our day before we had to go in. We decided to contact in the tunnels. (trust me it is not as sketchy) We contacted this older man and had a really good conversation about Jesus Christ and how our Heavenly Father is a loving Heavenly Father. I cannot explain the feelings that were there but, in the end He told us that he has been looking for the truth his whole life and that he felt God between us as we were speaking to him. He treated us like we were his sisters. It was actually an emotional moment for Siostra Gustafson and I after we had talked to him.
Then we decided to just stay for longer. A couple past by and then the girlfriend just whipped around and wanted to talk to us. Seriously, Siostra Gustafson and I werejust in shock because that just does NOT happen here in Poland. haha It was weird but we took it!! We talked about the Księga Mormona and about Jesus Christ. She was so interested and could tell that she was looking for the truth. We gave them  a Księga Mormona and bore our testimonies. Another miracle!
Then a couple minutes later I see a mother and her little boy and her Husband. Siostra Gustafson and I felt very prompted to speak with them. As we talked with them we told them our experiences  on finding the truth and to know that the Księga Mormona is true. Then she asked us , For such a young age as you. How do you have so much faith and actually know? We then bore our testimonies of the gospel. Her husband and her told us that they are really busy but if they had time they would like to learn more. So we exchanged phone numbers and said our goodbyes.
Each one of those people felt the spirit because I definitely did. It was such a special moment for us to have experienced that. There are people in Poland that do want to find the truth. The Lord did answer our prayers and was merciful to us. I knew God was there to help us say what we needed to say to those certain people.
I know that this is God’s church and he is with us! Always!

Siostra Lerch

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