Reese’s Puffs, Reese’s Puffs! Yay!


So this week has been a good week!! oh the trio gang of sisters are doing pretty great work in Warsaw 2 boundries! Yesterday as we went track ting a young man let us in!! And we taught him!! And we gave him a Księga Mormona!!!! Oh man it is so rare that someone will let us in but it possible!!! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD. He was really interested in the Księga Mormona and what we believe. Before we left to go Tracking I decided to bring another Księga Mormona. So when we were let in I thought to myself there was no coincidence that I brought another Księga Mormona. So after we taught him what we believe I asked him if he would like a Księga mormona and he gladly accepted! It was a really good experience to know that there are people that want to hear the gospel. There are people that are ready! We as missionaries just have to find them!
Also a couple of days ago Siostra Allowitz has been telling Siostra Herrera and I that she has been dreaming of Reese’s Puffs Cereal. haha That night we went to the Carters house. They are an American family. By the end of our meeting brother Carter brings out a big giant box. And that Giant box was a box of delicious Reese’s Puffs cereal! hahahaha Siostra Allowitz was all the Lord knows hahaha It was so funny we were all just in shock hahahahaha. But anyway she is happy! There was also a rap on the back of the box so that night consisted of rapping about Reese’s Puffs!!
This week we also went back to Komorów to heart attack a less-active family who are amazing!!
Also to have and African dinner with Dennis!! Dennis is a member in our branch! He is from Kongo in Africa!! he brings so much laughter and light everywhere he goes!! The entire district came and we all made Foo Foo!! I don’t know how to explain it but its good! He also brought us caterpillars!! And yes I ate a caterpillar!! It tasted like dirt. Dennis is just amazing! He brings so much joy to other people in his life!
Też there are TRANSFER CALLS THIS SATURDAY! oh the stress! But it is going to be great!! I am so excited!! this transfer has been a lot of learning from the Christ-Like Attributes of Christ. I have really gained a testimony of reading the scriptures daily even if it is just a little bit of reading you can learn from what you have read! I love the Book of Mormon! I have learned that no matter what our Heavenly Father has been there for us. He weeps with us when we mourn and he cheers us on when we do what is right and to try our best in anything! The Lord is always there! I love this gospel and I love being a missionary in Poland!  Love you all!
z Miłosćą
Siostra Lerch

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