What a FUN week…Woot! Woot!

Warsaw Cultural Night at the Symphony


So this week has been one Crazy week!!!! Well kind of mostly at the end of the week it did. But we got a new Siostra!! So now we are in a trio!!!! Her name is Siostra Allowits!! She served in Krakow but her companion had to go home for school. So that it why she is in Warsaw with us!! Transfers are in 2 weeks woot woot!!

On Friday we had our Culture Night!! And oh my goodness it was so awesome!!  Our district went to go and see the symphony in Warsaw! It was just so beautiful! Sadly I was not a loud to take pictures so just think of a James Bond movie or just a really really nice concert that makes you feel all fancy. It was beautiful!!  The Symphony was magnificent! It was epic. For some reason the music got me really pumped for missionary work I really don’t know why but it did! It was an amazing night of music!
Funny Story time! So on Sunday ćyli yesterday we had dinner with the Warsaw 1 Siostry and to say goodbye to Siostra Antczak.We had Tacos!! Woot Woot! But besides that lol
There were beautiful testimonies shared. The Lord really new how much I needed that. I really didn’t know how much I needed that. After we said goodbye we were walking back to our apartment and all I hear is an uff sound. I turn around and Siostra Herrera had ran into a pole bahahaha it was so funny she was ok though!! No worries!! And then I tripped so it was great! We all did funny little goof ups!!
Then there was Saturday. We met with a less-active family that lives in Komorów!  The wife is an amazing woman it is  just hard for her sometimes to come to church because of the distance. People here just need a lot of love. We just wanted to know how they were doing and she shared a beautiful testimony. But leaving there house was a bitter sweet because she told us that sometimes people take different paths in life. Sometimes as a missionary it can be pretty heartbreaking to see people leave. We see how much they can have but sometimes they stop. But that is why we are here as missionaries so bring love and that light back into there life and to show them what they can have and to know that there Heavenly Father has not forgotten them. We are not alone in this world. Even though at times we make think that we are alone. ćyli our Heavenly Father is always around and it is our job to find him and really find what our Heavenly Father would have us do!
  Kocham być misijonarką tutaj w Polsce. Wiem że Jesusa Chystusa jest naszym Zbawicielem. Wiem że Ojcia Niebieski wie nas. Wiem że Jesusa Chrystusa i Ojcia Niebieski Kocha nas. w imie Jesusa Chrystusa Amen

Siostra Lerch

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