What a week!

April 4 Barney lerch1
Siostra Barney & Me

aaahhhh sister Barney and I!!!! Warsaw 1 and 2 combined activity!! In the Warsaw Rynek!! We had face Painting egg painting and the Easter video set up!! It was so cute!! I love Siostra Barney!!! It was so much fun contacting all of these people!!! A Lady just grabbed my tag off of me and was alll ” Co to jest?!” (What is this?)  & (What are you getting at?)    Then some of the Elders were just staring at me and this lady and I was like..like I don’t know hahahahahahah it was awkward. hahahaha I was all Jestesmy mormonami!! hahahaa it was great!! I also handed out a Ksiega Mormona!! hahahaha I was all Jestesmy mormonami!! hahahaa it was great!! I also handed out a Ksiega Mormona!!

Dzien Dobry!!

I am back and alive!! hahaha Thank you so much for the prayers and the love that I have felt from the people that I love!! I had gotten really sick over the past week and I feel so much better from all of the prayers! I am so grateful and just feel so loved!!
I hope everyone’s Easter was amazing!! Being a missionary during the Easter season is so great!! On Saturday we had a combined activity with Warsaw 1 and 2!! We had egg painting and face painting and had the wonderful Easter video set up for people to watch and hear the beautiful message of our Savior that because of him we can have new life and live again forever with our loved ones! It was so awesome to talk to people on the Rynek and one lady that I talked to I showed her the video and Elder Sidwell and I started to talk to her. She was such a sweet lady! I invited her to take a Ksiega Mormona and she took it!! ahhh I love missionary work!! I know that she will feel something as she reads it!!
Funny story so as I was contacting this lady was watching the video and I came up to her and I introduced myself to her and then all of a sudden she just full long grabs my name tag and was like ” CO TO JEST?”  so I said ” Jestesmy mormonami!” she just stared and was still holding on to my name tag. hahah I just stood there like what in the world? hahaha So then she just left hhaha They like to just grab your tag here in Poland and just stare and say CO TO JEST!  hahaha
Sunday we heard great Testimonies from the wonderful members here in Poland about Jesus Christ. After Church we were invited to the Carters an American Family and the dinner was amazing!! It was a taste from home!!! It was so cute they exiled all of us missionaries to a different room haha. When they told us to come back they told us that they hid eggs and so we did an Easter Egg Hunt!! I felt like a little kid again! hahaha It was adorable! Some of the elders and I mean all got really into finding the eggs it was quite a funny scene to see!!
This Easter Season I have seen a lot of miracles and have experienced lovely experiences from the past 2 weeks. I know that our Heavenly Father is there. Heavenly Father never leaves his children. That I know! I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and because of him I can live again with my loved ones forever. I believe in prayer. It works mighty miracles. I know that this gospel is true. It has blessed many lives. Thank you again for the many prayers and the thoughtful emails. I feel so loved! I love being a missionary in Poland!


Siostra Lerch

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