Easter is Coming!

Dzien Dobry!!!

I hope everyone had a good Spring break!! I had an awesome time in Poland! This week we did a finding activity with the Warsaw 1 Elders and the Office Elders and that was super fun!! We met so many people and had really good lessons with them!! Also it was sunny out so people were A LOT happier!
I also had an exchange back into Lodz!! Which was awesome!! Because I would be with Siostra Carlson! She is the best! It was really weird being back into Lodz but I loved it!! We had a really cool experience. As we were contacting we past this guy that was on his smoke break. As we walked past him we both felt like we should talk to him so then we turned around and hoped for the best!! As we introduced ourselves he was telling us how he was an Atheist and that he was a bad guy. We then told him that he was not a bad guy. We told him the reason why we came up to you because we saw something, we saw something in your eyes. I then bore my testimony about Gods plan for us and how we are his children and that he loves us. As we were talking with him. He had a change of heart. he really started to soften and asked if he could have our number. He also had to go back to work. He would say that he was a bad man because he smoked but we would say that he was good and that you can stop. He had a change of heart. There are people out there that want to change.
I have really noticed that the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about change and becoming better. I love this gospel so much with all my heart. This Easter really think about our Savior Jesus Christ. Through Faith in Jesus Christ we can do anything. Because with God anything is possible! I know that we will be able to live with our families again for time and all eternity!! I know that Jesus Christ is our Brother and Redeemer. I love being a missionary and bringing forth the Lord’s work in Poland. God is just a prayer away. He loves you. Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are always knocking to come. Let them in and they can heal any wound.
Kocham was!!
The new Easer Video!

This one is in Polish 😀
Siostra Carlson and I tracting!
Siostra Lerch

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