I am NOT in LODZ anymore!

February 16, 2016

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Transfers are here and I am not in Lodz anymore!!! I am in Warszawa the 2nd Branch!! I left Lodz abnormally super early in the morning…..My train left at 6:30 in the morning and Siostra Gustafsons left at 6:20 so we left at the same time!! Siosta Gustafson is in Katowice! We cried like babies all weekend because we didn’t want to leave each other haha.

Train to Warsaw!

On Saturday night we made a fort in our living room and it looked so magical! haha We were very proud of ourselves and then we cried all night. haha She is literally like family to me. I knew that I was suppose to be with Siostra Gustafson we helped each other so much. We will be Best friends forever!!

On Saturday was our transfer calls and literally my stomach was hurting so bad because of how nervous I was haha. We were eating lunch with the elders and we got our calls and then President Edgren called them so that was a cool moment! And it’s funny because they stayed in Lodz and then the sisters are leaving!! But I am happy to be in Warszawa! It is such a cool place! But so fast. People here are always going 100 miles per hour. I am so happy for my district because I have Elders Wright and Sidwell back!!! Yeah I served with them in Lodz but then they got transferred in the middle of the transfer to Warszawa the 1st branch.

So now I am with them!!! Yeah!!!! Tender mercy!!! Also there will be a trainee in our district and I am super excited! My new companion is Siostra Herra!! I went on exchanges with her here in Warszawa and now I am companions with her!! She is so sweet and she has already helped me with the language so much!! I know that this transfer is going to be very hard, but I know that my language skills in polish will be a ton better!! I cannot tell you how hard polish is. Seriously, so hard, but I understand a lot more than I can speak but I just have to speak and just not care if I mess up. It is worth embarrassing yourself in order to get the language down!!

My last day at church in Lodz was so hard. You really don’t know how much you love the people until you have to say goodbye. There were a lot of crying. My goodness a mission really makes you cry lol. Well for me at least. It was so great. I love the people of Poland so much!! It is a really hard place but the people are very loving and will help you no matter what.

I love serving my mission here in Poland!! Poland is awesome!! Kocham was!!

P.S; When I was on the train to Warszawa….I got first class….yeah

I felt really special hahaha

Siostra Lerch



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