My First Transfer might be on its way! No Way!

February 8, 2016

Wow! So my first transfer as a missionary in Poland has almost come to an end!! How crazy is that!

I have learned just to Love everything around me even when I am sad. I have also learned to really see people through different eyes. To really just care about people even the people that hurt you.

Recently, I have been doing a little project. In the Preach My Gospel book I have been studying the attribute page and searching through the scriptures. I found a lot that I needed to work on! hahaha But I am imperfect and I can become better! I have really found a joy in becoming a better person and trying to become what my Father in Heaven would like to be. I am constantly reminded , but it makes me a better person and a better missionary.

I have learned a lot by my companion! Siostra Gustafson is such an amazing missionary and friend. She cares so much and doesn’t judge. I can be myself! She always just has so much to give and cares so much. I wouldn’t trade anyone else to be my companion and trainer! Ever!! We have been through a lot of awkward situations that are hilarious! And so many memories! I can say that we will be friends forever!!
This last Thursday was called Fat Thursday where people eat all they want (mostly pączki which are yummy delicious donuts) until they fast the next day! So that morning we went to go get yummy donuts and yes there were a lot of people getting donuts. We bought 12 pączki. Yes and I don’t regret it! It was an awesome cultural experience! Let’s just say some other missionaries had over 20 donuts. Although donuts are very tempting I did not eat a lot of donuts I would be very sick if I did that!


*Yes…I know I look horrendous, but it was worth it!! ha ha ha

But over all it was a great week!! I am so excited for what comes next! I love being a missionary! Poland is beautiful!! I love you all!! til next week!!

Love, Siostra Lerch


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