Adventures are out There!

February 1, 2016

Tracking the streets of Lodz

Wow I can’t believe that it is February already!! The weather here in Poland is so weird. Last week it was snowing super crazy and just lots and lots of snow. And for the past couple of days there have been no snow and sun!!! Oh my when I saw the Sun I literally was jumping for joy. It made me a lot happier! This week has been weird and great!

This last week everyday we had a meeting with either a less-active or a new potential investigator. They all fell through so that was sad we just had to do a lot of rescheduling. But we still got this!!

We went to one less-actives house. We kind of just showed up. And she was so sweet! We gave her banana bread and just a really good lesson she is just very sick. But before that we came to her house a little early. So we waited and we saw a really cool abandoned building and so we decided to take pictures of it!! So as we were doing that my companion looks at me weird and I turn around and there is a homeless women behind me and just stares at us. Then she face palms and walks off. Then she turns around again and yells “JESTES WARIARTKI!!” ….. she called us lunatics hahahaha and then she spat at us which was nice. And so we were a little confused on what just happened, but we moved on and had a great lesson with Krystyna!!

Also Siostra Gustafson and I had a great exchange in Warsaw together!! I was set up with Sister Herra for the exchange. We had a lesson with a now active member that just came back. She is trying to find a job like a lot of people in Poland. We talked about prayer and the Holy Ghost. She also spoke English so it was nice for me to be able to actually speak and say what I want to say hahaha. She was very loving and loved hearing our testimonies. She can do hard things!!

I cant believe how fast everything is going. Transfers are in 2 weeks!! So crazy! I am sad because I love my companion and we are going to separate hahaha but we shall keep in contact!


 I know that this church is true and it brings so much happiness and joy. It brings families together. I love this gospel. Kocham wam!

Siostra Lerch

Tracking the streets of Lodz

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