Look Outward instead of Inward


Warsaw, Poland

February 22, 2016

So this week I am going to be honest has been really hard. As human beings we tend to look inward and just think about ourselves constantly. This week I found myself thinking about myself a lot of the time. I started to think a little bit outward and have felt a little better. I am still struggling a little, but I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and that I have so many people that do.

In my new apartment there is a book by President Gordon B. Hinckley called, ” Stand a Little Taller”. It’s a book of counsel and inspiration for everyday of the year. So I am trying to catch up to the now. It gives a scripture and then some counsel. This one was called ” Shared Burdens”
Mosiah 18:8-9
“And now, as ye are desirous to come into the fold of God, and to be called his people, and are willing to bear one another’s burdens, that they may be light;.. and to stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places that ye may be in, even until death, that ye may be redeemed of God, and be numbered with those of the first resurrection, that ye may have eternal life.”
Quote: ” Look above your trials. Try to forget your own pain as you work to alleviate the pain of others. Mingle together with your brothers and sisters in the gospel. We need others to talk with and to share our feelings and faith. Cultivate friends. Begin by being good friends to others. Share your burdens with the Lord.”
Prayer is such a huge part in that. Heavenly Father knows us so well. I love all of you guys so much.


Siostra Lerch

I am NOT in LODZ anymore!

February 16, 2016

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Transfers are here and I am not in Lodz anymore!!! I am in Warszawa the 2nd Branch!! I left Lodz abnormally super early in the morning…..My train left at 6:30 in the morning and Siostra Gustafsons left at 6:20 so we left at the same time!! Siosta Gustafson is in Katowice! We cried like babies all weekend because we didn’t want to leave each other haha.

Train to Warsaw!

On Saturday night we made a fort in our living room and it looked so magical! haha We were very proud of ourselves and then we cried all night. haha She is literally like family to me. I knew that I was suppose to be with Siostra Gustafson we helped each other so much. We will be Best friends forever!!

On Saturday was our transfer calls and literally my stomach was hurting so bad because of how nervous I was haha. We were eating lunch with the elders and we got our calls and then President Edgren called them so that was a cool moment! And it’s funny because they stayed in Lodz and then the sisters are leaving!! But I am happy to be in Warszawa! It is such a cool place! But so fast. People here are always going 100 miles per hour. I am so happy for my district because I have Elders Wright and Sidwell back!!! Yeah I served with them in Lodz but then they got transferred in the middle of the transfer to Warszawa the 1st branch.

So now I am with them!!! Yeah!!!! Tender mercy!!! Also there will be a trainee in our district and I am super excited! My new companion is Siostra Herra!! I went on exchanges with her here in Warszawa and now I am companions with her!! She is so sweet and she has already helped me with the language so much!! I know that this transfer is going to be very hard, but I know that my language skills in polish will be a ton better!! I cannot tell you how hard polish is. Seriously, so hard, but I understand a lot more than I can speak but I just have to speak and just not care if I mess up. It is worth embarrassing yourself in order to get the language down!!

My last day at church in Lodz was so hard. You really don’t know how much you love the people until you have to say goodbye. There were a lot of crying. My goodness a mission really makes you cry lol. Well for me at least. It was so great. I love the people of Poland so much!! It is a really hard place but the people are very loving and will help you no matter what.

I love serving my mission here in Poland!! Poland is awesome!! Kocham was!!

P.S; When I was on the train to Warszawa….I got first class….yeah

I felt really special hahaha

Siostra Lerch


My First Transfer might be on its way! No Way!

February 8, 2016

Wow! So my first transfer as a missionary in Poland has almost come to an end!! How crazy is that!

I have learned just to Love everything around me even when I am sad. I have also learned to really see people through different eyes. To really just care about people even the people that hurt you.

Recently, I have been doing a little project. In the Preach My Gospel book I have been studying the attribute page and searching through the scriptures. I found a lot that I needed to work on! hahaha But I am imperfect and I can become better! I have really found a joy in becoming a better person and trying to become what my Father in Heaven would like to be. I am constantly reminded , but it makes me a better person and a better missionary.

I have learned a lot by my companion! Siostra Gustafson is such an amazing missionary and friend. She cares so much and doesn’t judge. I can be myself! She always just has so much to give and cares so much. I wouldn’t trade anyone else to be my companion and trainer! Ever!! We have been through a lot of awkward situations that are hilarious! And so many memories! I can say that we will be friends forever!!
This last Thursday was called Fat Thursday where people eat all they want (mostly pączki which are yummy delicious donuts) until they fast the next day! So that morning we went to go get yummy donuts and yes there were a lot of people getting donuts. We bought 12 pączki. Yes and I don’t regret it! It was an awesome cultural experience! Let’s just say some other missionaries had over 20 donuts. Although donuts are very tempting I did not eat a lot of donuts I would be very sick if I did that!


*Yes…I know I look horrendous, but it was worth it!! ha ha ha

But over all it was a great week!! I am so excited for what comes next! I love being a missionary! Poland is beautiful!! I love you all!! til next week!!

Love, Siostra Lerch

Adventures are out There!

February 1, 2016

Tracking the streets of Lodz

Wow I can’t believe that it is February already!! The weather here in Poland is so weird. Last week it was snowing super crazy and just lots and lots of snow. And for the past couple of days there have been no snow and sun!!! Oh my when I saw the Sun I literally was jumping for joy. It made me a lot happier! This week has been weird and great!

This last week everyday we had a meeting with either a less-active or a new potential investigator. They all fell through so that was sad we just had to do a lot of rescheduling. But we still got this!!

We went to one less-actives house. We kind of just showed up. And she was so sweet! We gave her banana bread and just a really good lesson she is just very sick. But before that we came to her house a little early. So we waited and we saw a really cool abandoned building and so we decided to take pictures of it!! So as we were doing that my companion looks at me weird and I turn around and there is a homeless women behind me and just stares at us. Then she face palms and walks off. Then she turns around again and yells “JESTES WARIARTKI!!” ….. she called us lunatics hahahaha and then she spat at us which was nice. And so we were a little confused on what just happened, but we moved on and had a great lesson with Krystyna!!

Also Siostra Gustafson and I had a great exchange in Warsaw together!! I was set up with Sister Herra for the exchange. We had a lesson with a now active member that just came back. She is trying to find a job like a lot of people in Poland. We talked about prayer and the Holy Ghost. She also spoke English so it was nice for me to be able to actually speak and say what I want to say hahaha. She was very loving and loved hearing our testimonies. She can do hard things!!

I cant believe how fast everything is going. Transfers are in 2 weeks!! So crazy! I am sad because I love my companion and we are going to separate hahaha but we shall keep in contact!


 I know that this church is true and it brings so much happiness and joy. It brings families together. I love this gospel. Kocham wam!

Siostra Lerch

Tracking the streets of Lodz