Tender Mercies

January 18, 2016

Wow so I am going to be completely honest. It has been a really hard week. Just trying to contact people and also being called a cult a million times. Poland either has know idea what the LDS faith is or they know us by Mormons and think that we are a cult. And that is why we are here as missionaries to tell the truth of all things.

But after this week I was really pondering on what I wanted to say to all you amazing people!  My companion and I have been through a lot just by people on the street. But as I thought in my own personal studies this week I tried to remember all of the tender mercies that God gave my companion and I.

– Sister Gustafson and I had an awesome lesson with the Siuda family in the branch. It was full of laughter and happiness.

-We had a less-active member decide that he needed to come back to church because of the wonderful spirit.

-While we were contacting I just looked at the snow and the pretty Christmas lights that were still up. The snow flakes were just so beautiful!

-And the wonderful Sister Gustafson my amazing trainer that helps me so much and is so loving.

-Also the Elders that are in my district. They are so kind and listen so well. My district is amazing!!!

This week look at all of the tender mercies this week and you will see God’s hand in your life. He is there watching out for all of his children!

Siostra Lerch


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