Kocham Poland and The Gospel!


January 11, 2016

Wow my first week as a full-time missionary in Poland is Awesome!!

I have really to come just to love the Book of Mormon! During personal study or before I go to bed I literally read a verse and then start going off on this tangent to my companion on how this verse is just so true and how it applies to everyone. It’s just so funny sometimes my companion will just laugh at me because I just get so into it!! The Book of Mormon is true and will bring everyone JOY, HAPPINESS AND A CLOSE RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER!

There are some moments where I just want to yell out to the entire population of Poland about the Book of Mormon and how is is awesome!! But i can’t well speak it to literally anyone because I don’t know how to say anything haha. But I do though! I try my best and that is what count’s!

Last night we went to a member’s house to sing to her and give her a little message of happiness! Her name is Helana and lives with her mother. Helana is blind and her mom has demensia and they are the most loving a amazing people I have evr met! It was my companion, the lovely Sister Gustafson and two of the Elder’s. Elder Wright and Elder Sidwel! That went with us!! Helana lives a little out of Lodz so we went on a little adventure! We took the tram out of Lodz and then took a bus to go to her house. But in Poland it get’s super dark by 3pm. So it was really hard to find her house. We ended up getting kindve lost and trying to find her house which ened up taking about 2 hours to find in the cold. We finally found her house and she welcomed us with open arms and was so loving. She made us cranberry herbal tea and this yummy Kelbasa soup with dessert! I was not expecting to have dinner there but she insisted because we were freezing trying to find her house haha. Her mother is the most sweetest 90 year old lady ever. She would talk to me in Polish but I didn’t really know what she was sayiing to me so good thing people translated for me! She told us how we were so young and beautiful and how we were super sweet. But she is the sweetest! After we talked we sang ” I Believe in Christ” to Helana and her mom. The spirit was so strong and after we sang her mom was wiping her tears and just thanked us. Elder Sidwell and I just sat next to her while Elder Wright and Sister Gustafson gave a little lesson to them. I just sat there and thought… This is missionary work this gospel brings so much happiness. I just loved that feeling. I am so glad that we kept trying to find her house. Because this is an experience that I will always remember.

Though this week has been hard I love missionary work and the gospel and how it changes lives for good. I know that this church is true. That the Book of Mormon is the most true book. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a true Prophet of God. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Blog! So you can see pictures and my adventures!!: laurynlerch.wordpress.com

Siostra Lerch


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