Arrival….1st Area “Lodz”


Happy New Year 2016!

Lodz Renick (Town Square)

January 4, 2016

AAAHHHH Everyone I am in Poland!! My P-days are on Mondays now so I just knew my mom was freaking out for a little update!

The flight from Texas to Germany was not bad! It was pretty long though but it was good because they gave us RASPBERRY SORBET!! That literally made our entire flight! It was very hard to sleep although we made it!!

When we were in Texas literally the first thing we heard was.. ” Look at all those Jehovah’s Wittiness’s!!” Little do they know we are not. That was just pretty funny!

So we get on the plane for Warsaw, Poland and in the middle of the flight the pilot said that we had to turn around because there was something going wrong with the plane. So yeah little scary moment but we are safe!! Because I am emailing!! Luckily, all we had to do was wait a little while and then get on another plane! We got to Poland and we saw all of these signs and they were all in polish and I could understand what it said!! Super proud moment for myself!! My luggage was all safe and sound!! But my other companion was not one suitcase was still in Texas. But Siostra Barney ended up giving the man that helped her a Ksiega Mormona! Awesome! He was super nice!!

We then met our Mission President! President Edgren!! He is just so nice!! Our day was a little messed up because of our flight delay so we didn’t go tracting but that’s ok we did the next day!! Sister Edgren is so nice!! WE had super Yummy Spaghetti! Finally I had some real food. The MTC food not so much!! We talked and had interviews and had a good time with the AP’s and Office elders! They are just so nice and awesome!! Then we all got ready for bed and literally I went into this amazing sleep!! It was great!!

The next day was awesome because we got to find out where we would be going! Let me tell you I am not a huge French toast fan but Sister Edgren makes the best French toast ever!!!! It was so good!! Everything homemade! So good! We went to do some legal work to go and get a residence card and this American guy came up to us and asked if we were Mormons and of course this is a great opportunity!! He had really GOOD questions and after awhile he told us that the reason why he came up to us was to really not say good things and just argue. But he ended up not doing that. He was very nice and then told us that it just sounded to good to be true. It was a change of heart! He took one of our Christmas cards and then had to leave but that was a cool experience!!

After that we went track ting and boy was I so nervous!! I really don’t know polish! It is very hard but that’s ok! I am learning! It was quite awesome! They are super nice about it!! Thinking about saying something is actually worse then actually just saying something! So, for now on I am just going to do it! Don’t think just do!! After we were done tracting we went to the chapel and met our trainers! Now here is the moment my mom has been super Anxious for!

I am in Lodz Yeah!!! And guess what my companion is from Alberta Canada!! She lives in Calgary!! SO crazy so mom I bet you are so happy right now jumping for joy!!


Siostra Gustafson & Me!

My first Transfer is in Lodz!  My companion is named Siostra Gustafson! She is so great! I love her so much!! We came to our apartment and our apartment is actually super big because it was suppose to be the senior couples home but they live somewhere else!! SO it is going really well in Lodz!! The next day we went to the banner board where we Tract on the street and it is pretty awesome!! It is just pretty dang cold though!! I couldn’t feel my face or my toes hahaha.


This is my companion!! And my first Polish donut!

So New Years came and on New Years Eve we had to be in by 5 because my goodness they are crazy!! Literally there are people on the street throwing fireworks and sound literally like bombs!! So it was a hard night to sleep! We looked outside and literally everywhere there were fireworks!! It was pretty awesome! I think Poland beats anyone with fireworks because it sound and looked like a war of Fireworks!! I was just looking outside of my window and just thinking “wow this just doesn’t happen in America! This is awesome!” The next day we were going to do more trackting but it was a ghost town the whole day there were only a few people out. So we then decided to go make banana bread for less-actives!! As we were coming back home this guy totally just trips and falls face down on cobble stones but he was pretty out of it lets just say. He was drunk. That’s also another reason why we started to make banana bread because the only people that were on the streets were drunk. Although, it was a pretty cool experience!!

Then came Sunday I was getting a little nervous but all went well! The members are so amazing!! They are just so strong! The Branch Presidents wife is just so adorable she just welcomed me in like i was her child! It’s funny because they all call me greenie but zielony which is green in polish! It was fast and testimony meeting so I new I was going to be saying my testimony to introduce myself so I am writing my testimony in Polish and then they called me up. I just knew they were going to call me up! But it went super well! They were all just smiling at me and being super patient with me haha. The members are just great!! I love them so much!!

I know the Lord put me in Lodz for a certain reason. Before my mission a member from Lodz contacted me and she went on a mission to Chicago! Her name is Dominika! She is just amazing! When we saw each other we literally freaked out! I was so happy to meet her!! She has such a strong testimony!

I love Lodz already and I can’t wait for the experiences to come! I love this work! I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that he knows us. The Book of Mormon was put here for us in the last days so that we could have a better understanding and love of God. I know that Families can be together forever. I also know that God put’s people in your path for a reason and that it bless your life. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen

On Sunday night we went to a little concert in a Cathedral and it was awesome! Beautiful inside!
See….Told you it was pretty inside. ​Yes…. this was after the concert! It’s beautiful!

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