Week 8: “Merry Christmas” or in Polish “Boże Narodzenie” which interpreted means GODLY BIRTH”.

December 24, 2015

Boże Narodzenie!!!!!

Wow has time flown by! I am leaving to Poland in just a couple of days!! And it’s also CHRISTmas!! I am sooo excited! This week couldn’t have gotten any better!! We said goodbye to all of our teachers which was really sad but they all told us that they will being going to Poland over the Summer!! Super excited to see them all!!

My travel plans!! On Monday we leave the MTC at 4;35 in the morning which I am not looking forward to but that’s ok I am going to Poland!! woot woot!! We go to Houston, Texas and have a 4 hour layover! Were going to get good Texas food! lol Then we head over to Germany!! aahhh!! Then right when we get off the plane we go to the other plane to Warsaw, Poland!! AAAhhhh!! I can’t wait to go and talk about the gospel!!

Although this week has been very fun Sister Dekker and I had a bit of a melt down. While our teacher Brat Fotu was teaching we started to laugh and laugh and laugh! I don’t know why and then I started to cry and I think that my emotions started to get to me! It was so funny that Brat Fotu took all of us out to walk and to just breath! hahaha it was soo funny i literally could not control it!

This Christmas I have really thought about our Savior. I know that Jesus Christ is my Brother. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ knows me by name and that He loves me and each one of you! I love the polish language. Merry Christmas in Polish is Boże Narodzenie and it means Godly Birth. It’s just so awesome! I love this gospel so much. This CHRISTmas I have really started to notice what Christmas is all about. I can’t wait to serve in Poland!

-Siostra Lerch


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