Week 6: MTC…Devotional Message “The Lord is always aware of your NEEDS”

December 3, 2015
Dzień Dobre wszyscy ludzie!!!

What a week!! All of the Croatian and Bulgarian missionaries left this week and our hall is so empty!! But it’s ok because we got new missionaries last week!! And were getting new missionaries next week!! So excited!! My companion and I got called as the new Sister Training Leaders for our zone!! I am so happy! It’s such an amazing calling I love it!!

On Tuesday for the devotional we got to hear from Bonnie Oscarson! From the Young Women General Presidency came to speak with us! Super awesome!! One thing that she said that really stood out to me was that ” The Lord is always aware of your needs.” And I started to really think about that and looked back on my week and I have really seen him helping me by getting that language or helping through a lesson. I know that with God ANYTHING is Possible. he is always there for you.

Yesterday I got to Skype with an ACTUAL MEMBER IN POLAND! I was super nervous but excited at the same time! The member Siostra Barney and I were supposed to Skype wasn’t answering so we just joined Elder Ashworth! She was so nice!! It was funny because we kinda just popped in the picture and her smile got so big!! It was just so awesome!! We talked about the Księga Mormona and about Poland haha most of the time!

KOHAM the Savior is Born video!! If you have not seen it go see it!! Our district watches it everyday I think haha. The other day we changed it to polish and it was so awesome! I am so excited to serve in Poland!! It motivates me even more to get the language and to teach the gospel! I can’t believe though in a couple of weeks i will be in Poland!!

So if you all really know me KOCHAM ( I LOVE) CHICK-FIL-A!!  On Monday we got Chick-fil-a!! it made my day! But before that all of us six siostry were walking out of the cafeteria the head guy for the MTC Cafeteria called us to come over and we thought we got in trouble for something but we didn’t know for what exactly haha. He was just joking with us and we all started talking with us and he asked where we were from and I said Gilbert, AZ! And guess what he is also from Gilbert, Arizona!! It was so funny he showed me pictures of Arizona and where he was haha. He took a picture of all of us and then sent them to our moms!! It was so awesome!! He made our day! So then that evening we had Chick-fil-a and he saw us again and took us back in the kitchen. We were like on a little mini field trip at the MTC! We went in the freezer ( sorry this sounds pretty sketch) but! We got Peppermint Chocolate Shakes!! It was my Best Day!!! He was so nice!!

Last night we taught a new investigator names Leszek and that day I was really struggling with the language. But as we started to talk to him I really understood him and my companion! I didn’t even now what I was saying but I knew that I was saying everything right!! I was casing which I usually don’t because I never know when to use them in a sentence because there are so many! We were just going back and forth saying what we felt like we really needed to say and from the heart. At the end we asked if we could sing a Hymn ” I Am a Child of God” In Polish of course! As we sang we felt the spirit so strongly and our investigator ( who is also our teacher) started to get super emotional. After that lesson I felt SO happy. I felt that  it was the first time were I had the experience of the Gift of Tongues. It is such an awesome experience! I love it!!

Also, today my companion and I were getting our hair cut! ( no worries it is not short it was just a trim!) One of the Hair dresser’s asked where we were going and she said that her son went to Poland on his mission in 2008! And he served in Poznań where my family and I lived for a little while!! She told me just this last year a member there became in-active and is really close with her son. So I got his name and  if get transferred to Poznań I will find him!! Because this is my work! And I love it!!

I know that this church is true. I know that our Heavenly Father is always there for us. With God Anything is Possible!! God loves us so much! In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

P.S.   Boże Narodzenie!!! (Merry Christmas!!)

Siostra Lerch


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