Week 4 MTC: Oh! Szczęśliwy święto Dziękczynienia! Happy Thanksgiving!!

FNovember 25, 2015

DSC00025“The JOY of SERVING A MISSION & Learning SIDE by SIDE with these Amazing Sisters who LOVE the LORD’s WORK AND GLORY!”

  Wow do the day’s go by so slow, but the weeks go by so fast!! This week had been another crazy week!! Sunday we had an amazing speaker!! He was so funny and had the spirit with him! He made the whole MTC be involved in literally everything!! But then my companion and I were very much involed…. He looked at us and then said ” would the third row please stand up especially the sisters because there are a lot of you! He asked all of us to come up! I was literally freaking out because i knew i was going to have to say something in front of the whole entire MTC!!! As we were going up there we literally had know idea what was about to happen. I was FREAKING OUT! LITERALLY!  My heart was pounding so hard!! Then as we all got onto the stand he told us to say one thing that you gave up to go on a mission! So i was relieved in a way but, still FREAKING OUT! So as I got to the front of the ENTIRE MTC I told where I was from and where I am going and i said, ” what I miss the most is being able to talk to my mom whenever. Because my mom is my best friend! ” Oh I love my Matka!! After that I got a lot of people

After the devotional we have a little meeting after the devotional to talk about our impressions and feelings on what he had talked about. They asked me to say the prayer and I wasn’t sure if I should say the prayer on Polish or English. I said the Prayer in English because there was another district that was with us in that meeting and they speak Slovak!! They are super cool by the way!! But Let me tell you!! I do not like saying prayers in English anymore!! I struggled so bad not to say anything in Polish!! I love the Polish language. One if the reasons is when you say Heavenly Father it’s Ojciec Niebieski. Niebieski means blue or blue sky up above. It really just made me love the language even more.

Oh! Szczęśliwy święto Dziękczynienia! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  1. I am so grateful for the people in my life! You guys have helped me in so many ways. In school, marching band, LIFE in general! You mean the world to me!!


  1. Rodzina!! Family!! I do not know where I would be without my family! My family is my rock!! I love our super goofy times with each other! My family is just so amazing! Leaving my family was so hard, but i know that they will be blessed.


  1. I am so grateful for this gospel and the MTC! I have learned so much more by just being here at the MTC! I learned a lot about myself and what I also need to work as being a missionary. I love it here!


  1. I am grateful for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I feel by saying my prayers and reading my scriptures i have gotten so much closer with my Savior. Prayers work! One day i forgot to say my prayers and it felt a lot different. I realized then that I had forgotten to say my morning prayer. Prayers are just awesome! There even more awesome because you become closer to your Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and get to have an awesome relationship!!


  1. I am grateful for life. I love life. We may go through some hard trials that you wish would just not be in our path. But it is so much fun!! All the things that we experience make us strong and it brings joy and peace. It’s hard to think about all the good in the world sometimes but, Do IT!! It makes your day even brighter!! I love this roller coaster that i am on! I never want to get off!


I hope all of you guys have an amazing Thanksgiving!! All the yummy food that you can eat!! Woot Woot!!


I am so excited to get to Poland Even though my polish will be VERY  broken polish I know that Heavenly Father will help me say what I need to say. I cannot wait to teach the people of Poland!! It’s the best mission ever!!

FYI:  Elder Dallin H. Oakes and his entire family came and gave all the missionaries a Thanksgiving devotional.  His children and grandchildren sang and played musical instruments.   Also, earlier in the day we put together Humanitarian Aid boxes that will be sent around the world for those in need.  What a great services project then such a spiritual reward in the evening!

Szczęliwy śwęto Dyiękczynienia!!


-Siostra Lerch


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