Week 1 at the MTC

November 5, 2015

Dear Everyone that I Love,

I can now say that I have finished my first week at the Missionary Training Center! (MTC).I  just want to say the i love wearing my name tag! Especially when its all in POLISH!




W DNAICH OSTATNICH ( yeah i can say that now)

IT’s So Awesome!! I love it! So the first day I got sick. So being tired, sick, learning Polish, and getting used to a whole new lifestyle was awesome! But actually really was even though i got sick. My companion is amazing we are so similar. But she is so tall and i am the shorty as usual. Just this past week it has been hard. It was never meant to be easy. We have a polish investigator that comes everyday and Siostra Barney and I teach her but in polish. It really hit me hard how many details there are in the gospel. There was one lesson that we taught and we understood her perfectly but we did not know how to tell her in polish. But we knew EXACTLY how to tell her in English. So it was very frustrating so all we could tell her was dobre (good) or thank you! i forgot how to spell thank you its long. But we still felt the spirit as we taught her. Also we finally got a teacher because all of the quit and now we got a new one!!! And he is awesome!! he just got back from Poland! My district was so excited because for a whole week we were learning polish by ourselves while everybody in our zone had five teachers, So our district has six Siostry (sisters) and one Starzy ( elder). He is from England!! He is so funny! He probably gets so annoyed with us but he loves us! I love my district! There is something very special about our district. I just know it! The spirit is so strong here. God really does send specific people where they need to go! i am typing so fast because i only have limited time and there is so much to say! So please bear with me! I just want to bear my testimony that i know that is gospel is true and that we all came here for a reason. God loves each and everyone of you. I have read the Kiesega Mormona and i have prayed about it for myself to know the truth. i know that families can be together forever! W imie Jesusa Chrystusa Amen.

Siostra Lerch




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