International Air Space: Flying to Poland

5534963-White-Civil-Airplane-over-the-Atlantic-ocean-flying-to-Europe--Stock-Photo.jpgEveryone….Siostra Lerch has left the building!  Lauryn called me at the Salt Lake Airport and we all got the chance to speak to her over the phone.  She’s a bit nervous, but the excitement out does the nervousness.  She has such a positive attitude.   In the morning she told me all the missionaries got to hear from Elder David R. Bednar (one of the 12 Apostles) and his wife.  His talk was just what she needed to hear.  She also told me after she got off the phone all the missionaries were surprised with a three hour musical concert featuring David Archuleta along with a young opera singer who was on America’s Got Talent and a professional Violinist.  She got “spiritual chills” because it was so beautifully done.   What a send off for her mission.

The weather in Poland when she arrives is 21 degrees and raining!  My poor ARIZONA daughter.   Before bed at night I watch the weather report.  Yikes!  She is traveling with 7 other missionaries so that calms the nerves as well.

She called me in Houston and that is when it really sunk in that she is leaving the USA.  She got a little emotional and asked me, “Do you think I will be a good missionary?”  I  replied without hesitation….MOST DEFINITELY!  Those who know Lauryn knows she has a bubbly, cheerful personality who knows how to laugh even at herself.  She is one who is completely genuine and is without guile.  The people will FEEL of her love of the Savior and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and will want to know why she is SO HAPPY all the time!   The gospel is simple.  The language is difficult for Lauryn but not her love and acceptance of all of God’s children.  She is doing a Marvelous Work and a Wonder!  My Sweet daughter….I love you!




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