Leaving Home

October 29, 2015



My family and I awoke early and placed my suitcases in our mini van and off we headed towards Sky Harbor International Airport.  With me was my mom, Jacob, Taylor, Samantha and Elle Anderson (feels like another sister).  I was pretty nervous plus I had a cold which didn’t make things easier.  I felt pretty nervous when I awoke, but I knew today was the day to begin my newest adventure…being Sioster Lerch!  I love it!  It  was hard saying good-bye to my family, but I know they will be in God’s hands.  I am so excited to be a missionary.  My sister, Samantha had the hardest time saying good-bye but I promised to write her often.  Finally, I left and waiting for me at the Salt Lake Airport was my Aunt Carolyn.  She really helped me relax and calmed me down.  She drove me to one of my best friends who is currently living in Orem and we got to say goodbye and have a big ole hug.  Then a family we loved in Arizona who moved to Utah met me at the Provo Temple.  He served his mission in Poland and speaks fluent Polish.  He came with his wife to send me off with a smile and words of encouragement!  My Aunt Carolyn was and is the BEST!  Here I go…….!  lol


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