International Air Space: Flying to Poland

5534963-White-Civil-Airplane-over-the-Atlantic-ocean-flying-to-Europe--Stock-Photo.jpgEveryone….Siostra Lerch has left the building!  Lauryn called me at the Salt Lake Airport and we all got the chance to speak to her over the phone.  She’s a bit nervous, but the excitement out does the nervousness.  She has such a positive attitude.   In the morning she told me all the missionaries got to hear from Elder David R. Bednar (one of the 12 Apostles) and his wife.  His talk was just what she needed to hear.  She also told me after she got off the phone all the missionaries were surprised with a three hour musical concert featuring David Archuleta along with a young opera singer who was on America’s Got Talent and a professional Violinist.  She got “spiritual chills” because it was so beautifully done.   What a send off for her mission.

The weather in Poland when she arrives is 21 degrees and raining!  My poor ARIZONA daughter.   Before bed at night I watch the weather report.  Yikes!  She is traveling with 7 other missionaries so that calms the nerves as well.

She called me in Houston and that is when it really sunk in that she is leaving the USA.  She got a little emotional and asked me, “Do you think I will be a good missionary?”  I  replied without hesitation….MOST DEFINITELY!  Those who know Lauryn knows she has a bubbly, cheerful personality who knows how to laugh even at herself.  She is one who is completely genuine and is without guile.  The people will FEEL of her love of the Savior and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and will want to know why she is SO HAPPY all the time!   The gospel is simple.  The language is difficult for Lauryn but not her love and acceptance of all of God’s children.  She is doing a Marvelous Work and a Wonder!  My Sweet daughter….I love you!




Week 8: “Merry Christmas” or in Polish “Boże Narodzenie” which interpreted means GODLY BIRTH”.

December 24, 2015

Boże Narodzenie!!!!!

Wow has time flown by! I am leaving to Poland in just a couple of days!! And it’s also CHRISTmas!! I am sooo excited! This week couldn’t have gotten any better!! We said goodbye to all of our teachers which was really sad but they all told us that they will being going to Poland over the Summer!! Super excited to see them all!!

My travel plans!! On Monday we leave the MTC at 4;35 in the morning which I am not looking forward to but that’s ok I am going to Poland!! woot woot!! We go to Houston, Texas and have a 4 hour layover! Were going to get good Texas food! lol Then we head over to Germany!! aahhh!! Then right when we get off the plane we go to the other plane to Warsaw, Poland!! AAAhhhh!! I can’t wait to go and talk about the gospel!!

Although this week has been very fun Sister Dekker and I had a bit of a melt down. While our teacher Brat Fotu was teaching we started to laugh and laugh and laugh! I don’t know why and then I started to cry and I think that my emotions started to get to me! It was so funny that Brat Fotu took all of us out to walk and to just breath! hahaha it was soo funny i literally could not control it!

This Christmas I have really thought about our Savior. I know that Jesus Christ is my Brother. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ knows me by name and that He loves me and each one of you! I love the polish language. Merry Christmas in Polish is Boże Narodzenie and it means Godly Birth. It’s just so awesome! I love this gospel so much. This CHRISTmas I have really started to notice what Christmas is all about. I can’t wait to serve in Poland!

-Siostra Lerch

Week 7: MTC “The Savior is Born”

December 17, 2015


Dzień Dobre!!!

Oh my goodness does time fly by!! U felt like i literally just had a P-day!! But that’s ok Because I love emailing everyone!!

Super two funny stories!!

1. My companion and I were teaching our investigator Sławek the Word of Wisdom. It went super well! As I was telling him some examples of some of the things we are not suppose to have I got mixed up with Polish and English at the same time. For example tak jak just means like and lubię means I like. So I said to Sławek, I like beer, coffee, tea, smoking and everything like that!! He said ja też (me too) and then my awesome companion saved me and said Sister Lerch so you like beer and smoking? So I noticed what i said and had to rephrase everything that I had just said! It was really funny! I told my other teacher Brat Kimball and he couldn’t stop laughing. That was a highlight of the week!!!
2. One night for some reason I wok up right at 5 am in the morning. I don’t know why but all of a sudden i heard my companion sit straight up and say ‘ WE CAN SAY THIS!’ Literally I am not even joking she starts to PRAY IN POLISH! Little did I know all the sisters woke up at 5 am so weird but my companion was just praying and she would SYL ( speak your language) and if she didn’t know a word in Polish she would say it in English. She was dreaming that we were having a district meeting and she thought that Starazy Ashworth told her to pray. So she also fixed her grammar because there was a male in the room! hahahahaha She then said Amen. I was just laying there thinking that my companion was just possessed by something. And then I said Siostra Barney are you awake? With a little sassy attitude she said ” Yes i am awake!” hahhahaha all the Siostry were like what just happened? Siostra Barney finally woke up and we all said ” Why in the world were you just praying right now at 5 am in the morning!” She literally dreamed that she was saying a prayer. She then told us in her dream after she said Amen that she was mad that know one said Amen. So that’s why she was all sassy towards me hahaha. It was a great night!

On Sunday we had the BYU Men’s Choir come and sing to us! It was beautiful!! The songs that they would sing gave me the chills! It was a special night! I am so glad that I have been able to be in the MTC for ALL of the holiday’s! It has been an awesome experience! And I can’t wait for Christmas! I love my Zone and District! I wouldn’t want to spend Christmas with anyone else!!
This week I was able to have the privilege to host new missionaries into the MTC. Seriously what an amazing experience that was. You just see all of these families dropping off there son’s and daughter’s to serve the Lord. I wanted to make them feel so welcomed and I could just tell how strong these missionaries are. I loved it so much!! But let me tell you though it was cold!! Snow everywhere!!

We also got six new Polish Elders!!!! I was soo excited!!! Last night the Zone Leaders and Siostra Barney had a meeting with all of them and gave them good advice! They are all super hilarious! My favorite part is giving the tour I don’t know why but I do!! I can’t wait to see them in the field!!

On Wednesday we Skyped again! But what was super cool was that her and her husband moved to Mesa, Arizona 2 or 3 years ago!! Like what!! So we had a good chat about Arizona but in polish of course!! We talked about the Holy Ghost and Starszy Ashworth joined us because his wasn’t working so we all shared our experiences on how the Holy Ghost influenced our lives. We asked if she had an experience. She shared her experience on how when they lived in Budapest and her husband was in Kraków, Poland for work I believe. She was pregnant at the time and she told us that one of her kids had gotten cancer. She told us after so much prayer she had gotten this overwhelming feeling that everything was going to be ok. And that she was always reminded of that. And even though I couldn’t understand everything that she said I could feel the spirit so strong. I literally could not hold the tears. She was crying I was crying we both just felt that God really does know us. I know that he was us to know that he knows what we are going through and that know matter what he will tell us that he is there for us.

I know that God lives and that he know’s us personally. He wants us to know that he is there for each and everyone of us. I love this gospel so much and I am so grateful that in a week and a half I will be in Poland serving the Lord! I know that Jesus Christ is our brother and Savior and that he loves us. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Boże Narodzenie!!

P.S : Watch the Savoir is Born video! You can also watch it in Polish and it’s super amazing!! Love it!!

-Siostra Lerch

Week 6: MTC…Devotional Message “The Lord is always aware of your NEEDS”

December 3, 2015
Dzień Dobre wszyscy ludzie!!!

What a week!! All of the Croatian and Bulgarian missionaries left this week and our hall is so empty!! But it’s ok because we got new missionaries last week!! And were getting new missionaries next week!! So excited!! My companion and I got called as the new Sister Training Leaders for our zone!! I am so happy! It’s such an amazing calling I love it!!

On Tuesday for the devotional we got to hear from Bonnie Oscarson! From the Young Women General Presidency came to speak with us! Super awesome!! One thing that she said that really stood out to me was that ” The Lord is always aware of your needs.” And I started to really think about that and looked back on my week and I have really seen him helping me by getting that language or helping through a lesson. I know that with God ANYTHING is Possible. he is always there for you.

Yesterday I got to Skype with an ACTUAL MEMBER IN POLAND! I was super nervous but excited at the same time! The member Siostra Barney and I were supposed to Skype wasn’t answering so we just joined Elder Ashworth! She was so nice!! It was funny because we kinda just popped in the picture and her smile got so big!! It was just so awesome!! We talked about the Księga Mormona and about Poland haha most of the time!

KOHAM the Savior is Born video!! If you have not seen it go see it!! Our district watches it everyday I think haha. The other day we changed it to polish and it was so awesome! I am so excited to serve in Poland!! It motivates me even more to get the language and to teach the gospel! I can’t believe though in a couple of weeks i will be in Poland!!

So if you all really know me KOCHAM ( I LOVE) CHICK-FIL-A!!  On Monday we got Chick-fil-a!! it made my day! But before that all of us six siostry were walking out of the cafeteria the head guy for the MTC Cafeteria called us to come over and we thought we got in trouble for something but we didn’t know for what exactly haha. He was just joking with us and we all started talking with us and he asked where we were from and I said Gilbert, AZ! And guess what he is also from Gilbert, Arizona!! It was so funny he showed me pictures of Arizona and where he was haha. He took a picture of all of us and then sent them to our moms!! It was so awesome!! He made our day! So then that evening we had Chick-fil-a and he saw us again and took us back in the kitchen. We were like on a little mini field trip at the MTC! We went in the freezer ( sorry this sounds pretty sketch) but! We got Peppermint Chocolate Shakes!! It was my Best Day!!! He was so nice!!

Last night we taught a new investigator names Leszek and that day I was really struggling with the language. But as we started to talk to him I really understood him and my companion! I didn’t even now what I was saying but I knew that I was saying everything right!! I was casing which I usually don’t because I never know when to use them in a sentence because there are so many! We were just going back and forth saying what we felt like we really needed to say and from the heart. At the end we asked if we could sing a Hymn ” I Am a Child of God” In Polish of course! As we sang we felt the spirit so strongly and our investigator ( who is also our teacher) started to get super emotional. After that lesson I felt SO happy. I felt that  it was the first time were I had the experience of the Gift of Tongues. It is such an awesome experience! I love it!!

Also, today my companion and I were getting our hair cut! ( no worries it is not short it was just a trim!) One of the Hair dresser’s asked where we were going and she said that her son went to Poland on his mission in 2008! And he served in Poznań where my family and I lived for a little while!! She told me just this last year a member there became in-active and is really close with her son. So I got his name and  if get transferred to Poznań I will find him!! Because this is my work! And I love it!!

I know that this church is true. I know that our Heavenly Father is always there for us. With God Anything is Possible!! God loves us so much! In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

P.S.   Boże Narodzenie!!! (Merry Christmas!!)

Siostra Lerch

Week 5: MTC..We have a Choinka (Christmas Tree) and our dorm just feels like home!!

December 10, 2015


It is December! And boy am I excited!! Because that means that I am leaving in 26 DAYS TO POLAND!!! WHAT!! Thanksgiving was so amazing!! Especially when Elder Oaks came and his family!! It was so awesome!!! His family performed all these beautiful musical numbers!! It was a really good day!!

I love my district so much we have gotten so close. Although one of our sister’s got super sick and had to leave. I cannot explain how much I love her! She was converted to the church three years ago. Her testimony is so strong. You can just see the light in her eye. She really made our district so even stronger. I know without a doubt that she will come back after she gets better and that all of us will be able to see her again in the field!! It’s going to be so awesome!!

I have started to really love teaching in Polish. Even though it is super broken polish, they can understand me!! I have really been relying on the spirit o help me teach lessons. I cannot tell you how much better my lessons were because instead of a script I said what I wanted to say from the heart. Prayer is amazing. I can’t even count how many times I pray. I love prayer. Our Father in Heaven loves us so much. I have seen tons of little tender mercies everyday.

It is now snowing everyday….I am still not ready for it. But our dorm is so awesome!! It has lights and snowflakes thanks to my awesome Aunt, Uncle and cousins!! We have a Choinka (Christmas Tree) and our dorm just feel like home!!

I also got to teach Relief Society just this last Sunday! The Relief Society Presidency at the MTC were there! So I had a little bit of stress, but!! Our lesson was so amazing!! We talked about having Faith in Jesus Christ. I loved that I got to give a lesson on that topic. A quote in Preach My Gospel says, ” He works according to the faith of His children. Doubt and Fear are opposed to Faith.” I love that quote because I started to notice that I was having a lot of Doubt and Fear and not a lot of Faith. I was doubting if i was going to be a good missionary or if I wouldn’t able to speak the language. Just pretty much everything that a missionary thinks! So I just stopped worrying and relied on the Spirit to guide me what to say in lessons and to be able to understand the language. Your Heavenly Father will help you. You just have to have Faith in Him that he will be there for you! I love this Gospel! There have been too many miracles in my life that I can’t deny that the church is true. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church without a doubt. Your Heavenly Father loves you so much even if you have made a mistake or not. He is ALWAYS there for you!

I love being a missionary! I hope you guys are having a good week!!

Do Widzenia!!

-Siostra Lerch

Week 4 MTC: Oh! Szczęśliwy święto Dziękczynienia! Happy Thanksgiving!!

FNovember 25, 2015

DSC00025“The JOY of SERVING A MISSION & Learning SIDE by SIDE with these Amazing Sisters who LOVE the LORD’s WORK AND GLORY!”

  Wow do the day’s go by so slow, but the weeks go by so fast!! This week had been another crazy week!! Sunday we had an amazing speaker!! He was so funny and had the spirit with him! He made the whole MTC be involved in literally everything!! But then my companion and I were very much involed…. He looked at us and then said ” would the third row please stand up especially the sisters because there are a lot of you! He asked all of us to come up! I was literally freaking out because i knew i was going to have to say something in front of the whole entire MTC!!! As we were going up there we literally had know idea what was about to happen. I was FREAKING OUT! LITERALLY!  My heart was pounding so hard!! Then as we all got onto the stand he told us to say one thing that you gave up to go on a mission! So i was relieved in a way but, still FREAKING OUT! So as I got to the front of the ENTIRE MTC I told where I was from and where I am going and i said, ” what I miss the most is being able to talk to my mom whenever. Because my mom is my best friend! ” Oh I love my Matka!! After that I got a lot of people

After the devotional we have a little meeting after the devotional to talk about our impressions and feelings on what he had talked about. They asked me to say the prayer and I wasn’t sure if I should say the prayer on Polish or English. I said the Prayer in English because there was another district that was with us in that meeting and they speak Slovak!! They are super cool by the way!! But Let me tell you!! I do not like saying prayers in English anymore!! I struggled so bad not to say anything in Polish!! I love the Polish language. One if the reasons is when you say Heavenly Father it’s Ojciec Niebieski. Niebieski means blue or blue sky up above. It really just made me love the language even more.

Oh! Szczęśliwy święto Dziękczynienia! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  1. I am so grateful for the people in my life! You guys have helped me in so many ways. In school, marching band, LIFE in general! You mean the world to me!!


  1. Rodzina!! Family!! I do not know where I would be without my family! My family is my rock!! I love our super goofy times with each other! My family is just so amazing! Leaving my family was so hard, but i know that they will be blessed.


  1. I am so grateful for this gospel and the MTC! I have learned so much more by just being here at the MTC! I learned a lot about myself and what I also need to work as being a missionary. I love it here!


  1. I am grateful for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I feel by saying my prayers and reading my scriptures i have gotten so much closer with my Savior. Prayers work! One day i forgot to say my prayers and it felt a lot different. I realized then that I had forgotten to say my morning prayer. Prayers are just awesome! There even more awesome because you become closer to your Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and get to have an awesome relationship!!


  1. I am grateful for life. I love life. We may go through some hard trials that you wish would just not be in our path. But it is so much fun!! All the things that we experience make us strong and it brings joy and peace. It’s hard to think about all the good in the world sometimes but, Do IT!! It makes your day even brighter!! I love this roller coaster that i am on! I never want to get off!


I hope all of you guys have an amazing Thanksgiving!! All the yummy food that you can eat!! Woot Woot!!


I am so excited to get to Poland Even though my polish will be VERY  broken polish I know that Heavenly Father will help me say what I need to say. I cannot wait to teach the people of Poland!! It’s the best mission ever!!

FYI:  Elder Dallin H. Oakes and his entire family came and gave all the missionaries a Thanksgiving devotional.  His children and grandchildren sang and played musical instruments.   Also, earlier in the day we put together Humanitarian Aid boxes that will be sent around the world for those in need.  What a great services project then such a spiritual reward in the evening!

Szczęliwy śwęto Dyiękczynienia!!


-Siostra Lerch

Week 3 MTC..”I Love to See the TEMPLE”

November 19, 2015

Siostra Barney and I at the temple!

I cannot believe that I have been here for 3 weeks! They literally go by so fast!!! This week has been super hard because we just learned grammar and that just made it even harder that it already was! But that’s ok! I don’t want to sound like a weirdo!!

It started to snow!! I about freaked out!! I am not ready! But it will be my first winter with snow!! How crazy is that!! The MTC is putting all these lights up and with the snow it looks so MAGICAL!! BUT… “The snow never bothered me anyway!” Yes, I just quoted Frozen! It is so cold though! In my zone there is a sister that is from Arizona and we always tell each other.. ” How are you? Are you ready for the cold? ” We always say no!

I love my district so much! they have such strong testimonies! I am really glad that we all get to be in the same room together! We have gotten so close! I know it’s going to be so hard for us to separate when we get to Poland. We always share our testimonies and every night we have a Polski Siostry Prayer together! We also share so many stories and laugh all the time! One of our sister’s mom bought us a Christmas tree and it is so awesome!!! She also gave us Christmas lights!! its so awesome!! I am just so excited for Christmas!! It’s going to be so amazing at the MTC!! One thing that I am really excited about is singing Christmas songs in Polish! it is the coolest thing ever!!

I love you guys so much! You are the Best! I love wearing my name tag! It always scares me when i don’t have it on! I love the Ksiega Mormona so much! I learn new things everyday through my personal study and when I am about to teach my investigator who is realy my teacher in polish!! The Lord’s work is hard but it is so rewarding! I love being a missionary!

Kocham sie back home in Arizona! Where the weather is amazing right now!!!


Siostra Lerch